May 26, 2020


“What you have right now is because of your level of awareness. Magnify your level of awareness and everything will change.” – Bob Proctor

In this blog you will be reading 2 methods you can do to earn extra cash.

The third quarter of the year is almost over and for the past months, I’ve been teaching my readers and subscribers how to invest in the stock market.

During my recent vacation in the Philippines, I taught some family members and friends how to do it, too. I am always passionate on my dream to be an advocate of financial literacy to my friends, family, fellow teachers and ordinary employees.

Almost everyone I talk to or send letters to agree with me about the necessity of investing and is very much interested to learn and invest in the stock market.

However…there is always that BUT… that hinders them to finally start.

The BUT… I don’t have money to invest.

The BUT… I’m only earning enough money for our needs.

The BUT… my salary is not even enough four our monthly needs.

The LACK OF MONEY always gets between the desire to invest and finally starting to invest.


But here is what Bob Proctor said: “We become what we think about”.

If you think you lack money, you will always be lacking of money for the rest of your life.

We attract what we think. On the contrary if you think, you have the ability to succeed and have enough money to invest, you will be working on your awareness on how to achieve that.


Here’s another thing Bob Proctor said: “What you have right now is because of your level of awareness. Magnify your level of awareness and everything will change.”

The reason why others, probably someone you know-your friend or neighbor is earning much is because they are more aware of how to earn that amount of money more than you do.

You are not earning 100,000 Pesos a month because you are not aware how make it.

I will be giving you today 2 methods that you can do online that can give you good money.


2 Ways That You Can Do Online or Offline To Bring More Cash


1.Affiliate Marketing

Established internet businesses encourage other people, most often their existing customers to promote their products or services, and in exchange, when the people whom they introduce these products or services to eventually make a purchase, they will receive a commission from that sale.

Many businesses require you to be a member or a customer before you can become their affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the many profitable online businesses that you can start without needing a huge amount of capital.


How Does This Work

A. Once you become a member, the business owner will give you an affiliate link. The affiliate link will serve as a door to visitors in order for them to enter the shop, which is the website of the company or the business.

Every visitor who enters the shop through your door will be counted by the system. And the system will also record how many of them eventually make a purchase.

B. Once you already have your affiliate link, you can now start promoting the business and its services to your family and friends, on social media, on emails, on your blogs if you own one. But, don’t forget to ask them to click on your affiliate link to get into the website.

C. Once the system detects that you have accumulated the required amount for payout, you will now be able to receive your commissions. They usually deposit it to your Paypal account or to your Bank account.

You can read more about Affiliate marketing here.

2. Network Marketing

Unfortunately, network marketing or multi-level-marketing is negatively received by many because of the notion that it is a pyramiding SCAM.

However, just like affiliate marketing, network marketing companies like Avon, Tupperware, Sara Lee, Usana, Herbalife, Amway also leverage on their direct sellers to promote and sell their products to as many people as possible

Network marketing is dubbed by Robert Kiyosaki as the business of the 21st century because he believes that “it offers unique benefits to those who want more out of life.”

Bill Gates once quoted saying, “If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing.”


How To Earn From This

1.Direct Selling

By selling the products at their suggested retail price, you will already have a sure extra income.

2.Referring New Distributors

For some companies not all, give referral bonus once you introduce a new distributor to them who will also be doing the same things that you do – selling and promoting the company and its products.

Instead of paying millions for TV ads or newspaper ads, the company will give this to their distributors as referral bonuses.


This is what network marketers enjoy. The main reason why network marketers refer new distributors is not actually about the referral bonuses they can get but the sales that these new distributors under them will make.

Network marketers duplicate themselves by teaching others do what they do. By helping others to start their own business, they are also helping themselves.

How? Through commissions. Network marketers receive commissions which range from 5-7% (depending on their company and their rank or level) from the total weekly or monthly sales of each of their referrals.

The 2 Best things about Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing are:

  1. They already have available quality products for you to sell. So, there’s no need to create your own product.
  2. You can do it part-time. No quitting of job required to earn big chunks of extra money.

So, LACK of MONEY is solvable. The key is awareness.


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