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To help 100,000 Filipino Teachers and other ordinary workers get out of debt, save money, and invest in the Philippine Stock Market by giving them easy to follow stock market investing guidance to become a successful independent stock market investors who has a secured financial future for their loved ones and for themselves.

What is isavenvestify

isavenvestify, which is a coined word from the phrases I save, I invest, and I diversify has been founded since 2016, and it has been changing lives of many teachers, OFWs, or ordinary employees. It has become a community that serves as a learning platform for ordinary employees to become savers and investors in the stock market, and to become online entrepreneurs.

isavenvestify prides itself for providing knowledge about saving money, investing in the stock market, and creating additional sources of income using the internet through simple and easy to understand blogs, eBooks, e-course and newsletters.

isavenvestify is committed to providing high quality information and helping ordinary employees especially teachers become financially educated. 

What Is NOT isavenvestify

isavenvestify is NOT an investing company, NOT a broker, Not an investment seller, NOT MLM, and NOT a get rich quick scheme. 

isavenvestify is NOT soliciting any money from anyone to invest in the stock market.

 Results may not be usual nor expected for every person. Results vary from different individual depending on their action and discipline. isavenvestify does NOT support "get rich quick" scheme. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for education purposes only.

Violeta Maingpis Depalog


About The Founder

My name is VIOLETA M. DEPALOG and I am called VIOL by my friends and family. I am a teacher and also an OFW for more that 12 years. I've been working as a teacher since 2002 and is now living and teaching English in China.

I am also an FBI (Full Blooded Igorota) who believes that it is our mission to share our talents and blessings of knowledge and awareness to help others better themselves. 

My  deepest desire of  sharing my passion on saving, investing and diversifying motivated me to found isavenvestify, a website solely dedicated to my fellow teachers, OFWs, and other ordinary employees who also desire to change their lives to achieve financial independence. 

My dream to be a financial education advocate to my fellow ordinary worker gives me the courage to write and publish self-help eBooks which starts with my very first, "How Can Teachers Invest In the Philippine Stock Market".