This Book Reveals: 

The 4 Secrets On How I built a side Hustle.

Everything I wrote in this book is designed to help an absolute beginner

to understand easily how to learn the Digital Business just in time.

What's inside the book

  • Want to Have Savings But Your Bank Account Balance Always Slides Down Back To Zero
  • Want to Increase Your Sources of Income But Do NOT Know How and where to begin
  • Want to Start a Business But You Are Too Busy at work to even start with step 1

There were even times when I used to open the closet to search every pocket of my pants, blouses, and jackets hoping to find few coins or bills for breakfast or for fare to work but ended up frustrated.

That was me years ago.

When I thought buying goods from China, stuff them in balikbayan boxes, then sell them in the Philippines will give me passive income, but ended up beaten because it took much of my time carrying the goods after work, re-packing them and packing them in balikbayan boxes in the middle of the night.  

I ended up losing because I have to pay costly shipping fee and when the goods arrived in the Philippines, many of them were unsold.

It was NOT a passive income after all.

If this is also you...

I totally understand that frustration

I know that feeling when you have tried to save, to build a business while working full-time but all you ended up with is failure after failure.

I was also at a brink of giving up few years ago and just succumb to devoting my full time and attention to my full-time job and be satisfied with my salary as the sole source of my monthly income until...

I stumbled upon a bucket, then more buckets and discovered how they can help me boost my bucks so I can fulfill my dream of having more sources of income, so that I can do more and help more.

What if...

I will pass on these buckets to you so that you can also start building properly a passive income that will multiply even if you are too busy and have zero knowledge on how to begin at this stage...

 Will you take them?


4 Secrets: Passive Income Builder And Multiplier For A Busy Teacher

My coach, SHA NACINO, The Founder of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge comment that this book...

“Will help you take your finances to a whole new level. It can even help you identify if you have leaky buckets and what you can do about those buckets. 

More importantly, you will learn how to replace those “leaky” buckets to buck boosting ones.”

What if...

This book will show you the exact steps I took that turned my frustrations to hope and satisfaction because I now enjoy both my active and passive income...

will you take it?

I have launched MY BUCKETS THAT BOOST MY BUCKS on June 8, 2019 with my coach and with 12 other authors at the Ortigas Foundation Library.

What Exactly Are You Going To Discover From This Book

You will discover...

  • how to create a simple and actionable financial Road Map so that you will finally start achieving your goals that will change your life
  • practical and easy ways to save money that you have never heard before that will NOT deprive and restrict so that you will successfully save money with fun
  • how stock market works and the simple steps to follow so that any busy teacher or employee can do it even without prior knowledge about it
  • what successful digital business is appropriate for busy people that can provide a promising additional income so that you will still be able to do your full time job efficiently
  • how to build a digital business from scratch that runs itself so that you will be able to start even if you are a beginner 

The book is valued at 1,997 Pesos with all the valuable information that each of the 4 buckets contain.

But of course, I will NOT be selling the book to you at this price. Otherwise it may not be affordable to many and I do NOT want to take that opportunity away from you to be aware of the doable things that you can easily follow to reach your dreams. That's why I will be releasing the book at 497 Pesos ONLY.

So, if you were like me frustrated that you have NOT been saving enough, and have NOT yet found the proper way to start earning passive income, you may click on the red button below to enter your order and received a copy of MY BUCKETS THAT BOOST MY BUCKS.


The book will be sent to your Philippine address only through LBC with a flat rate of 150 Pesos shipping fee anywhere in the Philippines.


This book is NOT available at any bookstores. This is only exclusively released at, and only released to busy teachers and other busy employees who are very serious in making changes in their financial lives.

If you are really very serious, click the button below to order.

Only ₱497 

My Buckets That Boost My Bucks is also available in electronic copies

Advantages of an electronic copy or eBook:

  • You can receive your copy upon confirmation of payment
  • You can read your eBook anywhere from your computer, tablet, smartphone 
  • You will NOT pay for any shipping fee at all

Both ONLINE and OFFLINE Payments are accepted

What Are People Saying

“Violeta says something and explains what she means. 

I see myself in the stories and anecdotes. Her insights on each one in the context of money are simple and practical. 

But the Analysis/interpretation is frightening. What makes it even more scary is I myself am a teacher, her target audience in her venture.

She is credible with her facts and figures; she minces no words in asserting her achievements, like telling it as it is.

Her frankness is never misplaced, though some may find it arrogant. She tells us the truth about earning and saving, and makes us think and learn, this new book is a proof.

Referring to her name, she can add color to a teacher's world.”  


La Salette of Quezon and La Salette of Roxas College

“It took years of investing in my financial education that I was finally able to turn around my finances, zero out my debts, save and invest, and live the kind of life I’ve always wanted.  

This is what I love about Violy’s book. In this book, you’ll learn about the four buckets that will help you take your finances to a whole new level.

It can even help you identify if you have leaky buckets and what you can do about those buckets. More importantly, you will learn how to replace those “leaky” buckets to buck boosting ones.”  


What Are People Saying About MBBB On Social Media

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The Author

Violeta Depalog - Teacher/OFW

I regret the time that I have wasted so much money because of my wrong beliefs about it and living in a negative stereotype towards teachers.

But I cannot turn back time.

All I can do now is to learn from these mistakes and act to improve my life and other people’s lives around me.

This is also the very reason why I’m very passionate in spreading financial education particularly saving and investing in the stock market to my fellow teachers and ordinary employees.


The information contained in this product is for education purposes only. This is designed to help you understand the specific information covered. How you use the information is entirely up to you. While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information along with my opinions and insights, any claims made or examples given, although believed to be accurate, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase.

We have made absolutely every effort to accurately represent this product and its potential. Despite this there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a get rich quick scheme – the techniques are proven but their capacity to generate wealth is based purely on the determination, commitment and willingness of the individual concerned.

As with any investment, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials if any and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. There are some unknown risks in investment and on the internet that we cannot foresee which can reduce results. We are not responsible for your actions.

The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that our company is not liable for any success or failure of your investment that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products and services. As with any investment endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. t’s up to you to decide what level of risk is appropriate for you. If you cannot afford, or will not use, this product, do not buy it. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

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