December 9, 2020

What has COVID-19 brought you?

With deaths and job losses around the world, this COVID 19 has been the worst disaster I have ever witnessed and experienced in my entire life. 

Isa din ako sa mga directly affected ng pandemic na ito. 

I was stranded at home, in the Philippines and was not able to report to my teaching job in China on time. Although we had online classes, there were consequences that I needed to accept and overcome.

However, despite all the challenges na ibinigay ni COVID-19, many of us become more resilient and are able to discover new skills para tayo ay makasurvive at mag-grow. 

May naging plantita at pantito, chef, nag-start ng paluto business, nagpatayo ng online school, at meron namang naging instant miner (yung laging nagsasabi ng mine mine sa ukay ukay selling sa FB).

And syempre, may mga naging investor or trader. 

How about you. 

What has COVID-19 turned you into?

Ako, naging e-com business owner selling noise reduction headsets and graphic tablets in my own e-com website that I have set up during the lockdown. 

Also, naging mas “Hybrid” stock market investor din ako.

Knowing myself more as a stock market investor.

Naging pabigat man ang lockdown sa akin, it also provided me with the time to sit and reflect and to get to know myself better…myself as a stock market investor

After withdrawing some of my stock market money during the first quarter of the year, nag-isip ako ng possible ways to bring that amount back in my portfolio. 

One of the ways that I thought of is to explore swing trading – buying then selling stocks in just few days, and scalping – buying and selling socks within a very short period time (can be within few minutes) and can buy and sell several times during the day. 

But see, hindi ako sigurado kung bagay ito sa akin. 

Yes, scalping and swing trading can give me more opportunities to gain money in a short period of time as short as few minutes, couple of hours, of days but the risk is very high. 

I doubted myself and asked:

Do I have the skills to do this?
Do I have the right attitude to do this?
And most importantly, kaya ba ito ng risk appetite ko?

Kasi naman, I am a long-term investor and a position trader, kaya engaging into a new way of riding the market was scary for me.

I tested myself

To get to know me more if I can do this, I had to test myself

1. I opened a new trader account dedicated for scalping and swing trading

2. I dedicated time for myself to study stock charts, indicators, oscillators, patterns 

3. I acted boldly – I traded with real money

By trading real money, I had to be serious. Hindi pwede yung OK lang kahit matalo at virtual money lang naman ito. By trading real money, I have to make it work.

4. I created trading plans and tested myself if I can follow and stick to them

5. I noted my reactions, my emotions each trade

6. I noted why I lose or why I gained

After several tries, several losses, moments of stress, I came to experience the sweet feeling of having winning trades. 

I came to realized na pwede pala, and it is not that scary as I thought it would be. 

That time, I realized, I became “hybrid”.


What I learned

1. I can be a long-term investor, a position trader, a swing trader and a scalper

2. Opening a second trader account dedicated for trading works for me
It prevented me to touch and risk my long-term investment in my swing trades.
3. To have a clear and specific goals and set clear boundaries between each goals.

Hindi ko dapat hinihiram yung pera para sa retirement fund ko para ipang trade dahil nag cut loss ako. Dapat hindi ko rin i-dagdag yung gains ko sa scalping and swing trades ko sa long term investment fund ko dahil mag-aaverage down ako.
4. To only trade the money I can afford to lose.

Although I have to make my trading work, I have to accept the fact that the market can turn against me any time dahil anything can happen in the stock market.
5. Scalping and swing trading can quickly earn you money but trade only when you know how to read charts, have time to watch your computer screen, have good internet connection.
Otherwise, just like me, I started with long-term investing, then into position trading. 

Dahil sa lockdown, I had more time to explore myself and upgrade my investing and trading skills. 

Yes, I lose some money but in losing I gained more.

Sabi nga nila, pagkatapos ng pandemic at wala kang naidagdag kahit ano sa mga skills mo, you have to ask yourself, anong ginawa mo?

This is it for now. 

I hope this has given you an idea on how to approach your stock investing journey. 

In my email tomorrow, I will be sharing the strategies I discovered and tested.

To Your Better Tomorrow,


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