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Violeta Depalog, author Of MBBB


This is NOT a recruitment, MLM or networking. I am NOT offering employment nor soliciting from anyone. This is pure information about how the Philippine Stock Market works and this eBook is free to consume. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational-purposes only.

What exactly are you going to Get?

This eBook will show you how investing in the Philippine stock market

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What Our Readers Are Saying...

Rowena G. Siador

School Registrar

I must admit that reading the ebook has really increased my aptitude for investing. It offers for beginners like me the most practical stock market course online. Here, I was able to learn the basic concepts in investing because the author, Violeta Depalog's presentation was very simple yet comprehensive. Thank you for your tips and for sharing your knowledge for newbies like me to be financially equipped and independent! I wish I could have read this book in the early stages of my life, but I guess it's not too late for me to start. Indeed, it is enlightening. 

Juning Guay Veith


Here's Ms. Viol's ebook that will definitely help you learn the basics of how you invest your money and how you can increase your success by making some simple shifts in your investment approach!

Daisy Batoc-Compal


COL must pay you for advertising them. Hihihi...I'm enjoying reading your book very much. The tone is very humble, witty and warm. The humor of a neophyte is there, too. I'm so excited to begin mine.