December 10, 2017

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“Unless you change how you are, you always have what you got.” – Jim Rohn

We get excited when we hear new things. We feel the rush, the eagerness when we hear a new thing to earn money, or to make your money grow. But sooner, the excitement diminishes because we start finding reasons why we can’t do it.

The Top 2 Reasons are:

1. No Enough Money

2. No Enough Time

But look, many successful people started with “no enough money” and the thought of “no enough time”.

They wanted to earn an above average income, so what they did was to become an above average person.

We all go through similar difficulties: Fear, lack of money, lack of time, lack of support, etc. but what’s important is NOT what happened but it’s WHAT you DO.

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Let me tell you a story.

This is the story of the two ducks and the eagle

There were two ducks who live on a beautiful pond at the foot of a mountain. On the top of that mountain is an old tree where an eagle lives.

Everyday, the two ducks look up the sky and see the eagle flying around, down and up the mountain. This makes the two ducks admire the eagle very much for his strength and his ability to soar high. They also want to be like him, to fly. They keep asking, “HOW can we also fly?” Everytime they see the eagle, they exclaim “Wow!!!” then again ask “How?”

So, one day, the two ducks decide to waddle their back up the mountain. And after wobbling for days, they finally arrive on the summit where the eagle lives.

When they see the eagle arriving, they quack and wobble around the tree to be noticed. Finally, the eagle sees them and ask what they need. The ducks immediately and humbly beg the eagle to teach them how to fly.

The eagle looks surprised, but he smiles and gladly agrees to show them how to fly one step at a time. He begins by teaching the ducks to spread their wings and to flap them until finally, the ducks are able to fly.

So, after days of grueling but successful training, the eagle congratulates the ducks and he said, “Congratulations ducks, now that  you can fly, you can now go home. It has been a great pleasure for me to share my knowledge of flying with you.” 

The two ducks are in tears…tears of joy. They hug each other, hug and thank the eagle, and celebrate.

The next morning, the ducks get up early.  They thank the eagle and say their goodbyes.

Then, they carefully wobble themselves down the steep mountain – carefully walking slowly again for days on their way back home to the pond.

DO NOT be Like these Ducks

After learning how to fly, they still chose to walk on their way home.

Most of the time, we are like these ducks. We already know how to do it but we still choose not to. We already know it’s possible. We are seeing it everyday but we still haven’t started yet?

Sometimes, all we need to do is chew and swallow, but we still demand others to chew for us and swallow for us.

Implement what you already know.

How Can You Proceed To Implementation

1.Believe You Can

The reason why the ducks chose to walk back home instead of flying home is they doubt themselves whether they really can fly after learning all the techniques of flying from the best flyer on the mountain.

It is a must to believe you CAN.

It’s the belief that you can do it that matters because if you do believe you achieve. If you do believe you will be encouraged to start doing things to produce results.

If you strongly believe that you can be rich, that you can change your financial life, the most possible result is you will be able to push yourself to do necessary actions to start making small changes, little steps that will give you massive result in the future.

2.Have the Right Behavior

No matter how strong your belief is if you don’t have the right behavior, you will not produce good results.

One of the reasons why many of my students fail is not because they are stupid but because they don’t have the proper behavior. They don’t listen and some are stubborn that they insist on doing what they think is right and easy. They aren’t willing to accept new ways of learning.

If students are stubborn to accept new things, more so with adults and professionals.

I have encountered people who are not teachable. There are many times people think they know a lot of things and thus they don’t accept others’ opinions or suggestions because they already made up their mind that their way is THE only way.

I have encountered several people who want to earn more and they believe they can but hesitate to invest a little amount of time and money to receive more. For farmers to have a good harvest, they must spend money to buy good seeds and reasonable amount of fertilizers and pesticides.

No matter what you know and what you desire to have if you have a bad behavior, it is unlikely that you will produce good results.

These are the 2 Bs to a massive success.

Why would you go back wobbling your way back home when you can fly?

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