August 21, 2016


Yes, we are bombarded with so many choices from the day we’ve been blessed with the discernment to choose until the time the Lord Almighty, for any reasons beyond our understanding, decides to take this back from us.

From the food we eat, clothes we wear, friends to have, person to love, words we utter, job to have, stuff to buy…and the list goes on…it won’t stop.

Yes, choices wrap us around and what we are and where we are at now are the results of the choices we made.

What or who and where will we be is the result of choices we’re going to make.

We control our destiny. Although we don’t have a total control of it because it is still God’s will that prevails, but because God has given us the gift of discernment, we actually have the power to destroy or transform our lives.


Let’s say, why am I fat? When I was a little girl I was so skinny.

But then as I grow older and had given more freedom to choose my food intake,

I am now like this.


Then I came to blame the vitamins I took when I was a teenager denying the fact that it were my wrong choices that destroyed my health.


The choices we make is also applicable to our financial lives.

Why are you poor?

Is it because our politicians are corrupt and that what makes you poor?

Is it because your parents are poor and you inherit their poverty?

Is it someone else’s fault that you are poor?

Or it is you that makes you poor because of the choices you were free to make.



Let me tell you about my friend, Sarah.

I’ve known Sarah 5 years ago, she used to be my colleague in one of the schools I’ve taught in China.

As a local teacher, her salary is way much lower compared to the foreign teachers. But when I saw her bank account when she applied for her Philippine tourist visa, to my surprise, my jaw dropped.

Yes, her bank account is 5 times bigger than mine.

I asked her how she had managed to save such and her answer was…CHOICES.

Cheap goods v.s. expensive ones, eat out or home cooked meals, save or spend.

It’s a choice to be rich and it’s also a choice to remain poor.

One choice you make can destroy you but another choice can transform you.

Choose smartly.


Will you choose to start changing your financial life for the better today by taking single step at a time or continue what you are doing now and stay idle at where you are today.

The choice is all yours.


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