Discover The 3 Secrets On How I Passively Earned ₱403,355.93 In Less Than 4 Years In The Stock Market Even If I Do NOT Have A Big Amount Of Money To Invest, Time To Watch the Market, And Prior Investing Experience

Dear Aspiring Investor,

Have you ever experienced a time when you want to help others but you cannot because you CANNOT even help yourself buy the things you need?

Have you ever reached the point in your life when you wish you have more money so you will not be stressed-out every time you have to make a difficult choice to give up on opportunities because you simply do NOT have the money to spend on it? 

Ang SAKIT 'di ba? I know it because I've been there several times.

Hello, My name is Violeta Maingpis Depalog

I’m a very ordinary woman just like everyone else who is dreaming to have a brighter financial future. 

I like playing the guitar, I like the ocean, and traveling. 

I’m a teacher and an OFW, but I am also an author, a coach, an entrepreneur and a stock market investor.

I’m  here to share with you “The 3 Secrets On How I Passively Earned  ₱403,355.93 In the stock market  In Less Than 4 Years."

But...Why Would You Even Listen To What I'm Going To Reveal To You

Please allow me to give you a short background about myself so that you will have an idea who I am and why should you believe the things I am about to share with you.

This story is not easy for me to share because of the painful memories that it brings, but I got the courage to share it with you with the purpose of helping others realize that no matter where you are at now, there is a great chance for you to achieve your dreams. 

These are my parents.

It has always been my dream to take both of them to places they have never been and experience things they haven’t had. 

It was my dream to let them experience a comfortable and convenient life.

We used to live in a liblib na barrio where there is no electricity.

I grew up with kerosene lamp as our source of light at night. 
(Can you imagine how black my nostrils were pagkagising sa umaga?)

At a very young age, I learned to cook rice with firewood.

I used to go with my mom on weekends and vacations to the kaingin to plant or harvest kamote.

I used to go to the farm early in the morning (in which I was nearly raped) during harvest seasons to drive away those maya birds that feast on our palays.

I grew up without a television set.

I grew up with a big old transistor radio with my older brother’s belt around it to protect it from breaking apart, with "Sarsarita ni Uncle Pit", an Ilocano Drama as our source of evening entertainment

I grew up with an improvised life sized baby doll that my mom has creatively made out of harina sack, bulak, and, straw because we cannot afford my dream baby doll. (yung pumipikit ang mata kapag pinapahiga)

Now, I think you understand why I wanted to let my parents experience a piece of a comfortable and convenient life as they age.

So, one time I risked to ask them to apply for their passports so they can travel overseas, and so they can also come and visit me here in China.

I was excited, but at the same time worried.

So, they prepared all the needed documents except for one-the original copy of their marriage certificate.

Ilang dekada na kasi ang nakalilipas, ngunit hindi pa rin nila nakukuha ang kanilang marriage certificate sa munisipyo ng Bontoc, Mountain Province which is far from where we live.

Because of this one document missing, hindi natuloy ang pag-aaply nila ng passport.

You might say, “sandali lang naman makakuha niyan ngayon”.

And You are right.

But you know why I haven’t pushed on it?


My plan was, if my parents' passports will be available, I will borrow money to make the trips happen.

But because I simply CANNOT AFFORD

I kept postponing their passport application and

I kept saying, “Saka na lang”, “Next year na lang” hoping that I will be able to save enough money for their trip.

Unfortunately,  6 years ago my father passed away

He passed away without visiting places he hasn’t been and experiencing a comfortable and convenient life he hadn’t have.

My dreams for my mama and daddy were…
Hanggang pangarap na lang...Puro drawing na lang

It dawned on me how SHORT LIFE IS

But I did not want to give up

It was my father’s death that pushed me further
To pursue my dreams for my parents even if I only have one parent left.

Planting Season...

After my father's death, I wanted to earn more, so I can quickly fulfill my dreams. So, I did freelancing jobs. The freelancing job was good But I have to stop because it’s already giving a toll on my overall health - physically, spiritually, emotionally.

I searched for other ways on how I can grow my money and how will I let my money work for me... 

Until I Discovered The Stock Market World.

At first, I was afraid to get involved with it because of the different types of investment scams that have been going around our country in which some of the people I personally know have been once victims of scams.

Until I’ve met reputable, great people who have been investing in the stock market.

Until I finally opened my own trader account and started investing in stocks

Harvest Season...

Gradually, my investment in the stock market started to grow until they are ready for the harvest.

Proof Of My Earnings From The Stock Market

Earnings From Dividends

Here are some of My  Notices Of Cash Dividends I have received 

Earnings From Capital Gains

Here samples of my gains after selling my shares from different companies

In the following screenshots of my gains below, you can see that while I earned when the price of my stock increased, I also have extra earnings from my dividends.

Withdrawal Notice 

Here is a screen shot of my withdrawal notices after selling some shares to finance one of my short term goals which is the down payment of my house in Cavite. 

Because of this...

in 2016, 3 years after my father passed away,
My mom had her
first plane ride when I surprised her for a beach holiday in Boracay.

Then in 2018, 5 years after my father left us,

My mama again, Mrs. Viola Depalog, had her very first trip overseas.

Then,  on the same year, she finally visited me here in China, and claimed to be the very first Igorota to wear an Igorot costume on the Great Wall of China.

And while I take my mother to the places she’s never been to and experienced things she never had, I just hope that my father is smiling as he looks at us through the holes in heaven.

To cut my mala-telenobelang story...

Because of my continued learning and practicing ng wastong pag-iimpok ng pera, at pag-iinvest sa stock market,

I was able to gradually fulfill my dreams

As a result, I can now give what my mother needs
And not only that, I can help my brothers send some of my nephews and nieces who want to finish school.

I start to become financially stable, hindi mayaman,
but comfortable enough and capable enough to help others.

Can you imagine my mom’s priceless smiles and laughters in our trips?

Can you imagine how my mom boast about her only daughter (kahit pasikreto at pasimple lang nya itong ginagawa)?

And can you imagine my feelings
That someone, your parent is so proud of you.


Every missed sale sa H&M, Uniqluo, Nike, Adidas was worth it.

Every missed new model of iPhone was worth it.

Every highly paid course on stock market investing is worth it

Every penny I spent for my online mentor’s guidance is so worth it.

I experienced receiving a little and had no savings
I experienced receiving more and still had no savings.

“Saving Money Is Not About How Much You Received, But It Is How Much You Keep From What You Received” -Robert Kiyosaki

I know That You Also Have Beautiful Dreams For Your Loved Ones

And You Better Start Working On It NOW Before It's Too Late.

I know that deep inside you, you want them to have the best

That's Why I Want You To Start Investing Now.

I know That The Real Reason Why You Want To Invest Is NOT Just For The Money, But For The QUALITY of LIFE You Are and Your Loved Ones Are Going To Reap in Return. 

That's why I'm going to teach you; my EXACT STEPS, my SECRETS, the KNOWLEDGE, my EXPERTISE I have gathered from all those expensive courses I bought that gave me results.

Enough About Me, It's Our Turn To Talk About You

How would you like to make your first 100,000 in the stock market in 3 years or less by just regularly investing ₱2,000  a month  EVEN if you  have NO Experience, NO Expertise, and EVEN if you are busy teaching in your classroom?  

In the next 10 minutes, you're going to find out the exact steps on how I start investing in stocks and have been growing my money in the stock market right away. 

But here's the problem, your friends, co-workers, and family are going to start asking you how you did it like how you're able to experience all these things, travel with your family, peace of mind of what old age will bring.

And when you reach your retirement age, you're going to be busy shopping gifts for your kids and grand kids on their birthdays and special occasions. 

Just picture yourself sitting there on the beach, on the white sand as you  listen to the waves "woosh" every seconds in unison with your grand children's giggles as they build sand castles.  

Then, you'll check your brand new phone and see likes and comments on your uploaded new photos by the beach.

Many of your fellow retirees will drool in envy as they're stuck at home, waiting for their  SSS or GSIS pension that is barely enough for their old aged needs like medicine, food, milk. 

Here Are Some Facts You May Not Know

75% of Filipinos are financially illiterate

80% of the middle class have NO financial plan

90% of Filipinos have No Savings

99% of Filipinos Do NOT invest

97% of Filipinos Retire Broke

And Here Is Something You Can Do Now

The ONLY WAY for you to belong to the

 25% Filipinos that are financially literate

20% of the middle class who have financial plan

10% Filipinos with Savings

1% Filipinos who invest

3% Filipinos who retire multi-millionaires

Is Investing In The Stock Market

And the ONLY WAY for you to successfully invest in the stock  market is through the THREE Secrets  that I’m going to reveal to you at the end of this letter.


What’s ₱100K, ₱ 200K, ₱ 500K, ₱1M Passive Income Worth To You?

Start a house construction?

Buy a car?

Stop asking your relatives and friends for a loan?

Stop pawning your ATM card?

Pay for your children’s  school  fees up to college?

A vacation at the beach or overseas with your family?

A peace of mind dahil solved na ang retirement fund mo?

Help other people?

If ONE or MORE of the things above are your long time dreams, then these 3 SECRETS that helped me earn over 400 Thousand Pesos in the stock market in less than 4 years that I am going to REVEAL to you will definitely make a great influence in your life

SECRET #1: Fail-Proof Starter Strategy

"Why is the stock market ONE of the SAFEST place you can invest your money in and how can anyone Start Investing Even if they Don't Have A Lot Of Money To Start"

This Fail-Proof Starter strategy helped me earned ₱403,355.93 in the Stock Market in less than four years EVEN if I only have small amount of money to invest. 

When people heard of the stock market the misconceptions that come to their mind are: 

#Kailangang maraming pera

#Dapat marunong kang bumasa ng complicated charts

#Dapat lagi kang nakabantay sa computer to monitor your stocks ​

#The stock market is a scam

When in fact, investing in the stock market is a co-ownership 

Why would you just put your money in the bank if you can buy the bank?

Why would you bury yourself in debt to own a small studio type condo unit to rent out if you can own the whole condo building?

 When in fact investing in the stock market does NOT need a huge amount of money to start

When in fact you ONLY need 1,000 Pesos to open an online trader account

When in fact, you can choose to invest in the stock market healthily and stress-free

Because of these misconceptions, many FAIL to start and because they fail to start, poverty becomes infinite and because of that the generation of sandwiches continue. 

Do not allow these misconceptions to stop you from beginning or starting to invest in stocks because in fact investing in the stock market is very simple, and to succeed in it, you only have to follow this fail-proof starter strategy

1. Find a Legitimate Brokerage Company

There are many legitimate brokers in the Philippines

This makes it easy for ordinary people like us to become co-owners of the big companies in the Philippines

2. Open a Trader Account

​The online broker company will assist you throughout your application process.  

3. Choose a company ​to invest

When you buy shares of these companies, you will become co-owners of these companies

Gusto mong magkaroon ng fast food restaurant kaya lang kulang ang pera mo and hindi ka rin marunong magmanage ng isang restaurant, makisosyo ka na lang kay Jollibee

Gusto mong magkaroon ng bangko, makisosyo ka kay Metrobank, BPI, kay BDO...In this case you will not only be putting your money in the bank, but you are buying a bank.

Gusto mong magbenta ng bahay, magkaroon ng sariling real estate company pero kulang sa budget at kaalaman? Makisosyo ka kay Ayala Land, kay SM Prime Holdings, kay Mega World

4. Buy stocks of that company that you chose in number 3 (Regularly)

It only takes 3 to 5 minutes or even less to buy shares of these companies

5. Do what you are good at - Go To Work – Make money while your money in stocks is also making some money for you

6. Sell Your Stocks 

It only takes 3 to 5 minutes or even less to ​sell shares of these companies

7. Then, Repeat from step number 3

This is a Very Simple Fail-Proof Starter Strategy

What Are My Students Saying

SECRET #2: Stock Sorting Framework For Dummies

How I Was Able To Choose The Right Stocks To Invest In and Able To Help Others Invest Too WITHOUT having a Finance or Economics Degree

This Stock Sorting Framework For Dummies shows you How I Was Able To Choose The Right Stocks To Invest In and Able To Help Others Invest Too WITHOUT having a Finance or Economics Degree

When we were young, my parents often remind me of this "kailangan mong matututong magtrabaho, paano na lang kung wala na kami"

We also often hear parents reminding their married children who still depend on them this, "When will you learn to stand on your own feet?"  

When I was starting out, I was very dependent on my online mentor on what stocks to buy. 

This was good but I have to pay  extra money for that.

This is not bad at all because of the benefits I receive

But The most alarming is...

I was not developing my stock market investing skills.

I was not becoming responsible for my own financial success. 

And my parents' advice, "kailangan mong matutong tumayo sa sarili mong mga paa" keeps ringing in my ears

So, I learned that there are simple ways to compare stocks to be able to choose the good stocks to buy, "Nosebleed FREE".

I call this the Stock Sorting Framework For Dummies

1. Out of the almost 300 companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange, I Only selected the top 30. 

Let’s call them the “Gilas” of Philippine Stock Exchange.

            Do I have to compute numbers to get the top 30?

            No need. Why?

            They are already given. By who?

             They are already given by the Philippine Stock Exchange itself

2. I Sorted the “Gilas” according to the industry they belong to like Banks, commercial, properties, mining, conglomerates, telecommunications

3.  I Compared each stocks in each of the industries according to the data available in my broker’s website

          Do I have to compute these data?

          Again, no need, because they are already provided.

          provided by who?

          They are already given by my online broker.

A good online broker should provide sound research and data to the investors 

4. I Picked my “MVP Players” from the “Gilas”, the top 30 companies

My Students Learn To Chose Wisely

Lynne started out investing few months ago. And because she has chosen the right company to buy, this starts to happen to her invested money.

SECRET #3: Stock Prompter Tool For A Busy Teacher

How I Was Able To Monitor and Manage My Investment and let it Grow DESPITE Being A Busy Full Time Teacher

The Instant Stock Prompter will show you How I Was Able To Monitor My Investment DESPITE Being A Busy Fulltime Teacher

In Metro Manila, drivers use Waze to help them navigate the city.

Waze helps them arrive quickly and safely in their desired destination.

In the stock market, we can also have a Waze like tool that will help us arrive at our desired destinations - to our goals quickly and risk-free.

Because like you, I am also too busy teaching, checking, grading…I learned to device an Instant Stock Prompter

Imagine, I spend almost 30-40 minutes checking just 1 essay paper. Multiply this to the number of students I have - 24, 30. 

I need a minimum of 12-16 hours to check all the essays of my students plus the reports, lesson plans.

With an investing tool like this, you can save time in managing your investment.

What I just need to do is list my current stocks, these are my MVP, and the stocks that I might buy in the future if their data change.

Then I label each stock with a condition that tells when to buy them and when to tell them.

This tool enable me to manage my investment in approximately 10 minutes per week, or 1 hour per month

One of my students just want her investing to be hassle-free. Using the Instant Stock Prompter as guide, you can also automate your investing. 

So, do these 3 SECRETS tell that it is possible for me to invest in stocks even if I only have a small amount of money, I am not an expert in Finance, and even if I am Busy in my work?  

Of course, a BIG yes. 

Now, after revealing my 3 secrets, you can now start your own stock market investment.

I know that you can only absorb so much information in such a short period of time and I have so much more information and knowledge I wish I could share with you. 

What If You Can Just Copy Step By Step The Same Process and Strategies That I Used To Make More Than 400,000 in Less Than 4 Years?

Who does not want that?

Sometimes, all we need to start is just a little push, or encouragement, or sometimes we need someone to guide us one step at a time to our desired destination, right?

That’s why I'm giving you a chance to do things with my guidance.

I have created a Masterclass that will tell you everything you need to start and succeed. 

This is not just a class or a training or a course just like any other training that you can find online.

You might have already taken a few courses online about stock market investing, some are even expensive, some might need you to continuously pay in order for you to get access to it. 

What if I told you that this Masterclass does NOT require you to pay continuously to have access?

Because,  your access to this masterclass is lifetime.

What if I told you that it does NOT also require you to take additional program in order for you to be a successful stock market investor?  

Because I am giving you access to the exact same strategies I used in my stock market investing. 

You can use these tools so that you can successfully invest in stocks even if you are JUST GETTING STARTED

Not only that, I am giving you my precious time in coaching you to discuss about your difficulties and stock picks during the first 3 critical months of your stock market investing journey. 

 I am confident that I can teach you how to be a successful, cautious stock market investor in a span of 6 weeks and start growing your small amount of money to hundreds of thousands of Pesos to millions of Pesos in the stock market stress-free in my Master Class. 

I call this the... 

Isavenvestify Stock Market Investing Master Class

What makes the Isavenvestify Stock Market Investing Masterclass the best way to reach your first 100,000, your first 500,000 , your first 1 million?

This is a one  of a king online training because you will be coached by someone who has already done it. 

The lessons are not going to be based on theory, but based on experience that worked. 

There's going to be a 6 Weeks coaching where you will see a walk-through of each of the process. 

According to the studies, the best method of learning is through modeling. 

In this 6-Week Masterclass, you will be able to follow by seeing someone actually doing it

Right after every sessions, you will get simple actionable assignments that you can start applying what you will be learning immediately.  

You will also get templates that you can literally copy-paste and tweak to fit your own financial needs and situation.

The templates alone will save you many hours and days of your time of trial and error of choosing your stocks and managing your investment. 

There's NO need to go searching for the right stocks to buy and 

there's NO need to spend money on mentors that will give you recommendations because you will actually discover how to simply and easily pick stocks on your own. 

Everything you need to invest your money in stocks is already provided for you.

All the heavy-lifting has been done for you!

If there's a short way of starting to invest in stocks NOSEBLEED FREE and if there's a short way to choose the stocks to buy and multiply your investment CAUTIOUSLY,  this is the ONE!

The Isavenvestify Stock Market Investing Master Class

What's Insi​de the Six-Week Masterclass?

"I had 2 choices when I created the masterclass."

I can make this really cheap so that I can have thousands of students to coach, but I won't be able to focus and give as much value as I can. 

Or, I can make this expensive so that I can focus on those who are deadly serious and overdeliver on the value inside the masterclass. 

So, I decided to take on Choice #2 and accept only those who are serious. 

This Stock Market Investing Master Class has Total Value of  ₱101,982  and because this is a new product of isavenvestify and I would like to get more feed backs ​ to take this Master Class for further improvement para mas maging helpful pa ito sa mga future students...

I’m going to launch it for the price of  17,997  but I am willing to slash ₱6,000  if you  PROMISE to start saving at least 20% of your monthly income and invest it in the stock market and AGREE that you will give a testimonial of your success story after our Masterclass. 

If you agree, you may now click on the button below and use the coupon Code ENROLL to qualify for the  ₱6,000  discount. 

I plan to take on 20 Maximum new students in this Masterclass. This should be enough for me to handle, guide, and review their assignments. 

If you act today, you can take advantage of the limited-time offer of only ₱11,997 for the Masterclass (worth over ₱101,982) and be included in my 20 new future debt crashers and multi-millionaire  teacher retirees. 

I can't promise I can hold the price at ₱11,997 for too long and when I have 20 students already, I'm going to close this enrollment. So, if you enroll today, you'll save an amazing ₱6,000 off the regular price and secure a slot in this masterclass. 

For The First 10 

Will Receive The TOP RANK 

That's right, you will also get the TOP RANK if you are one of the first 10 to enroll.

Do you know that there are more than 300 stocks that you can buy in the stock market and picking the right one entails courage, confidence, and careful choosing of stocks to invest in.

Newbies have more chances to lose money in the stock market NOT only because they do NOT  develop their investing strategies, but also because they pick the WRONG stocks. 

But with this TOP RANK, it will be much easier for you to decide which stocks is worth picking.

The TOP RANK is a consolidated reports from different Stock Brokers.

These stocks are studied by professional stock analysts of the different brokers that provide these reports.

This is priceless, I cannot even give a value for this.

If you have the TOP RANK, it is just like pointing your order in a turu-turo restaurant. 

Having The TOP RANK will add up more to your confidence as a newbie stock market investor.

But again, this is only for the FIRST 10 to enroll.

What Are My Students Saying

Now That You Know What You're Going To Get, It's Time For You To Make a Decision

If you could start investing in the stock market now, and begin building wealth thru stock gains and dividends without going through the mistakes that many beginners commit, and can immediately start building funds for your...

•Children’s tuition

•New house

•New car

•Travel plans

•Retirement fund

How much would you pay for this Stock Market Investing Master Class?

Can you really put a price to the good life,

To the comfortable life that your family will experience in the future?

How much would you pay in exchange for the financial security that you will be building for your loved ones.

Would it be worth ₱101,982  or more than that? 

You might be asking, Will this work me?

Well, I have already shown you the steps I took.

And how I will teach you to do the same.

These steps have worked for me.

The only question is, will you take action?

The only way that this will work for you is if you take action.

Everything depends on you now.

Everything depends on your willingness to do your assignments,

Your willingness to take your weekly sessions

Your willingness to schedule 1 on 1 coaching sessions

Your willingness to attend to these coaching sessions

I will be doing things with you and most of it, I have already done for you

And kulang na lang is the action that is required from you

I can chew for you, but I cannot swallow for you

Like a mother,  she chews for her baby,

But the mother cannot swallow for her babies

Kasi hindi naman mapupunta sa bituka ng kanilang baby yung food na lulunukin nila.

Jim Rohn Said: "If you take all the money of the wealthiest people you know in this planet and equally distribute it to all the people living in it, not very long, those money will go back to the same pockets."


Because they have the KNOWLEDGE of how to earn their money back. 

They have the KNOWLEDGE that majority of people are not aware of it, They have the KNOWLEDGE that the majority of us don’t want to know

It's TIME To Make a Decision! Enroll To The Isavenvestify Stock Market Master Class Where I will show you everything  I used to make ₱403,355.93 in the stock market in nearly 4 years

This Is My Boldest Guarantee

You have nothing to lose by investing in this Master Class to start making your dreams a reality.

The payoff could be huge and well worth your time and investment.

I 100% Guarantee that you'll love this Masterclass or I'll return your ₱11,997.

That's right. You Don't even have to send anything back.

If within 15 days, and you haven't learned anything useful at all from the contents of the Masterclass, just simply email me within 15 days from the first day of our sessions and I'll send your money back.

How's that fair?

But, you may still say Violy, ₱11,997 is expensive.

Let me ask you this, How much does it cost for a 5 year old kid to go to a Private Kindergarten School nowadays?

How much more if the kid grows up and goes to college. 

How much will her 1 year tuition fee be? 

If you grab this offer and start to invest your small amount of money regularly in the next 5, 10, 15 years and your 2000 monthly turns to 100,000, 500,000, 1,000,000...

Will you be able to provide your children a better education?

Will you be able help more of your family members if you have the money? 

Will you be able to express your tangible gratitude to your parents if you have the funds?

Will it be worth it to invest ₱11,997 on yourself today to develop your ability to make a million even without a million? 

If you have 11,997 Pesos today, chances are you will spend it anyway. So, why not invest in on yourself instead and help yourself become more capable in making your future and your family's future better? 

Enroll Today and start making your dreams come true. 

Make A Decision Before The Timer Runs Out


 PRICE ₱11,997 Today!

Both ONLINE and OFFLINE Payments are accepted

**By purchasing our products, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, Privacy, Refund & Cancellation Policies.

Enrollment Is NOW Open Until 
October 30 , 2019

Class Begins On November 09, 2019

You Have TWO Options Today

Option A: 

Do Nothing 

  • Do nothing and Go Back To What You Were Doing Before (Which is 100% Risk Free)
  • Just skip this page and continue wishing that your dreams of giving a better life for your loved ones will come true. 

Option B:

Enroll to the Isavenvestify Stock Market Investing Masterclass 

  • Invest In Yourself In This Masterclass Today and you will copy what I have done and innovate for a better result in your stock market investment. 
  • You will avoid the same mistakes that I have done which will save you from losing money due to wrong investing decisions.  

Which option will you go for?

Proof of Purchase From My Masterclass Students

The Author

Violeta Depalog - Teacher/OFW

I regret the time that I have wasted so much money because of my wrong beliefs about it and living in a negative stereotype towards teachers.

But I cannot turn back time.

All I can do now is to learn from these mistakes and act to improve my life and other people’s lives around me.

This is also the very reason why I’m very passionate in spreading financial education particularly saving and investing in the stock market to my fellow teachers and ordinary employees.


The information contained in this product is for education purposes only. This is designed to help you understand the specific information covered. How you use the information is entirely up to you. While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information along with my opinions and insights, any claims made or examples given, although believed to be accurate, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase.

We have made absolutely every effort to accurately represent this product and its potential. Despite this there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a get rich quick scheme – the techniques are proven but their capacity to generate wealth is based purely on the determination, commitment and willingness of the individual concerned.

As with any investment, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials if any and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. There are some unknown risks in investment and on the internet that we cannot foresee which can reduce results. We are not responsible for your actions.

The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that our company is not liable for any success or failure of your investment that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products and services. As with any investment endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. t’s up to you to decide what level of risk is appropriate for you. If you cannot afford, or will not use, this product, do not buy it. 

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