How I Safely and Legally Multiply My Money In The Stock Market  While I Am Busy Working  Even If I Was A Beginner And How You Can, Too

If you’re struggling and overwhelmed on how to MULTIPLY your earnings and build your wealth too the EASY and LEGITIMATE way in the stock market that will allow you to gain  more  EVEN if you are NOT good at computers and internet– then what you’re about to read in the next 5 minutes can reward yourself and your loved ones with a lifetime of happiness.

Your Heading Here

Dear Friend,

My name is Violeta M. Depalog. I’m a very ordinary woman just like everyone else who is dreaming to have a brighter financial future.

I’m a teacher and an OFW, but I am also an author, an entrepreneur and a stock market investor.

I’m just like you few years ago, looking for better ways to multiply my hard-earned money to help my family - my loved ones save for our future while I am teaching miles and miles away from them.

Coming from a huge family of 7 children, with only one parent who has a regular source of income, money has always been a problem.

Thanks to the scholarship grant I received from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that helped my parents in their financial difficulties in sending me to university.

But even if I finished school, had my teaching job in a private school, hindi pa rin sapat ang kinikita kahit maghapon na ako sa school at nag-uuwi pa ng mga  paper works. 

Then, I made a decision to go abroad and teach English in China. I had to be brave to be in a new country with a very different culture and syempre not to mention, with a very different language.

And idagdag mo pa ang being alone and lonely na sa tuwing sasapit ang pasko, sa internet na lng nagbabatian, pinapanood ang kapamilyang kumakain ng noche buena habang ako naman ay naka kumot na nangingilid ang luha.  For 13 years, my Christmas Scene has been like this. 

But...having been teaching abroad, the problem about money has not gone away. Problema pa rin ang pera even until the day my father died. 

My father’s passing away pushed me to do, to act, to change my financial life. My father's death was a very painful wake-up call to me because I was away working for money while he was aging and growing weak. Hindi ko man lang sya naalagaan, napagsilbihan before he finally said goodbye.

And aside from the emotional pain, we also went through financial pain. It was also a sorrowful reminder that dying in the Philippines is even more expensive than living.  

Since then, I’ve been searching the internet on how can I multiply my hard-earned money to end if not lessen our poverty. I've been seeking solutions on how can I earn more money and safely invest it while I am busy working for money din, para maka-uwi na ako and take good care of my mother with a secured financial life for my family. 

Until I Discovered The Stock Market World.

At first, I was afraid to get involved with it because of the different types of investment scams that have been going around our country in which some of the people I personally know have been once victims of scams.

Until I’ve met reputable, great people who have been investing in the stock market.

Bro. Bo Sanchez and I

COL Financial Chairman Mr. Edward Lee  on Chairman's Note at the Heritage Hotel Manila 

I then started investing in the stock market, slowly changing my life, gradually changing my attitude towards money.

Few years later after I started putting money regularly in the stock market, I gradually saw how my money multiplies which enables me to treat my mother, my only parent left, experience things that I wish my father should also had experienced.

This also allows me to help my family by sending some of my nieces and nephews to school because through education, by helping them to become aware, magkakaroon sila ng tool to be able to become independent and to stop the curse of poverty in our family.

Mama enjoying the Boracay sand

Mama and I in Ayutthaya, Thailand

My 2 aunties, mama, and I at The Great Wall of China in our Benguet (Igorot) attire

I’ve realized that…


The main reason why people get scammed over and over again is the lack of knowledge of the investment they are getting themselves involved into and also their desire to reach their dream of getting rich very quickly like when someone win the LOTTO jackpot prize.   

The problem is…

  • They lack awareness on what to invest in and how to invest their money
  • They entrust their money to other people trusting that they will get their shares promised to them
  • They are not willing to do the investing work themselves claiming that they are too busy to do it

Gustung-gusto nilang magkaroon ng passive income while working-earning money for their daily needs but do not know the answer to the biggest question na HOW

Paano nga ba?

We all desire to provide the best for our loved ones 

We all desire to enjoy our retirements days, enjoy a bad debt FREE life

That's why we desire to have an opportunity to safely multiply our money exponentially and never again will have to lose any more sleep worrying of what our financial life will be once we stop working. 

What if there is an e-course  that will reveal to you a money-making opportunity, a training that will teach you to take control of your money and earn passive income while you are busy at work,  will you take it or ignore it? 

How much opportunities are you going to pass you by, and how much money are you going to lose because of your financial illiteracy?

It’s Time To Be Financially Literate.

I want you to be financially educated and start becoming responsible to your financial success. 

Who does not want that?

That’s why I prepared an e-course called

or SMOT where I will discuss and demonstrate the step by step process on how an ordinary employee, like you, can invest your hard earned money safely in the stock market.

I have gathered all the resources I can get from my records, from my investing experiences, and knowledge that I’ve learned from my continuous reading and from my mentors.

I have also set aside quality time to create this step by step online training which you can study at your most convenient time.

In the Stock Market Online Training or SMOT, you will be learning...

MODULE 1: Stock Market Essentials 

  • The True Meaning of Assets and Liabilities
  • What Stock Market Is and How It Works
  • Simple Ways to Earn Money From The Stock Market
  • MODULE 2: How To Start Investing In stocks

    • Simple Steps to Start Investing In The Stock Market
    • How to download and fill in your trader account application form
    • How To Apply an Account For Minors
    • How to fund your trader Account which includes the following:

           >How to enroll your account to your online banking

           >How to Fund your trader account using online banking

           >How to fund using other payment methods

    MODULE 3: How To Transact With Your Online Broker

    • How to login in your broker's platform for the first time
    • How to navigate the broker platform
    • How to buy stocks
    • How to sell stocks
    • How to withdraw your Money from the stock market
    • How to buy or sell stocks during market’s off hours

    MODULE 4: How To win In The Stock Market

    •  How To Spot The Good Companies to Invest In The Stock Market From The Real Market Place
    • How To Spot The Good Companies To In Invest In The Stock Market From The Records 
    • The 6 Factors To Consider in choosing The Right Stocks To buy
    • The Mentorship method of choosing good stocks to buy

    in Module 4, you will have an instant access to 

    The Big Fat Fish version 4.0

    Where you will unlock the SECRETS On How You Could Stop Losing Money in The Philippine Stock Market and Discover how EASY it is to gradually multiply your hard-earned money in MILLIONS worry FREE and stress FREE while teaching in your classroom

    This ebook will reveal...

    • Problems New Stock Market Investors Face
    • Top Six Misconceptions About The Stock Market
    • How To Avoid Deadly Sins In Investing In The Stock Market
    • No Brainer Reasons To Stay Away From an Investment Offer
    • Where To Find Good Stocks
    • What Are Good Stocks
    • Where To First See Stocks In Action - In Real Life
    • Choosing The Right Stocks To Invest In Based On Its Real Effect To Our Day To Day Life
    • Choosing The Right Stocks To Invest In Based On Its Track Record
    • Comparing Stocks Using 6 Basic Important Factors in the Market
    • How To Manage Your Investment Even If You Are Still a Newbie
    • Strategies Practiced By Successful Stock Market Investors
    • The Most Important Support Strategies To Maximize your Gains
    • How To Survive In the Down Market 
    • Six Running Lessons For a successful Stock Market Investing

    And Here’s An ADDED Feature

    • How To Create An Investment Plan
    • How To Stack Up: Finding Ways To Have Money To Invest

    And Here’s MORE

    A list of practical exercises that are embedded all throughout this eBook to help any beginner to easily and simply understand the steps of choosing and buying good stocks and confidently make money from the stock market.

    What Does This OFW Say About the Big Fat Fish Version 3.0

    Another valuable material that Module 4 offers

    is the Money Booster ebook

    This e-Book contains 6 Chapters and a Bonus chapter that talks about

  • the reasons why you should know your worth
  • how to increase your net worth
  • how to pay your debt aggressively
  • how long will it take you to be a millionaire
  • how can stock market make you rich
  • the barriers that prevent people from getting rich
  • and in the Bonus Chapter, you will learn How To Smell Scam A Mile Away
  • MODULE 5: How To Protect Your Money In The Stock Market

    • How will your beneficiaries receive your stock market money when you die
    • How much money will your beneficiaries pay to get your stock market money when you die
    • How to keep your money in the stock market in-tact in times of crises or emergencies

    This is a valuable learning tool to a successful stock market investing that you cannot ignore. 

    With all the materials included in this training, this is your One-Stop Shop to financial success.

    But you can only get this if you enroll TODAY  to our Stock Market Online Training  spending only a minimal amount of money.

    For Now, the Stock Market Online Training or SMOT has a monetary value of
    more than 14,978 Pesos 


    I want to help you...sincerely help you

    That's why, instead of paying 14,978 will only pay just a tiny fraction of this amount to enroll in the training

    I want you to commit yourself in this training, to value it. 

    That’s why I will ONLY be charging you a minimal amount of  5489 Pesos Only

    This online training is worth many times more than 5489 Pesos.  The things I am about to reveal to you will let your 5489 Pesos to actually pay for itself.

    That's NOT all because There is MORE...

    When you enrol to SMOT today, You will receive my other eBook for FREE 

    Your 3 buckets To financial Independence
    This ebook talks about the following:

    • Sandwich Generation
    • Five ways to start your Financial Road Map
    • Easy Ways to Save Money for Starters
    • How To Grow your money through investing in paper assets
    • How To Produce Results

    and more bonuses that will help you succeed in your stock market investing such as:

    • FREE Mystery Motivational ebook by a well-known Stock Market Guru
    • A To Do Checklist
    • Downloadable Forms for Stock Market Trading Account Application/Transaction
    •  Additional 5 Bonus Videos

           >>>How To Be A Multi-Millionaire

           >>>How To Achieve Your Goals

           >>>How To Invest Even If You Are Far Away From Home

           >>>8 Actions That Will Change Your financial Life

           >>>How Can You Benefit From Stock Rights Offering

    and you will have access a LIFETIME access to more relevant bonus videos that will be uploaded overtime without paying additional charges.

     There is even MORE for YOU

    Isavenvestify Affiliate Program (IAP)

    That's right.

    When you enrol to SMOT today, You will not only receive ebooks, downloadable forms and bonus videos...

    When you enroll to SMOT today, You will also have an oppotunity to EARN ADDITIONAL INCOME by becoming an affiliate of isavenvestify. 

    For every person who enrolls to SMOT through your affiliate link, you will be earning 20% of their tuition fee.  For every person who will buy isavenvestify's ebooks, you will also be earning 20% for each ebook sale. 

    Imagine having 5 people enrolling to SMOT every month through your unique affiliate link. With the introductory price of SMOT at 5489 Pesos, that's additional 5489 Pesos in your pocket, an amount you can use to buy more shares of stocks. 

    What are you getting for 5489 Pesos

    Stock Market Online Training

    A FREE Motivational ebook on Stock Market Investing by a Well-known Stock Market Guru

    A To Do Checklist

    Downloadable Forms

    More Additional Bonus Videos


    Isavenvestify Affiliate Program

    Opportunity To Earn Additional Income

    Why Am I Now Asking You To Pay For This Training

    In the previous months, I have given free access to these training because I believe that everyone in a country like our own where only 1% of its population invest in stocks deserves to know how to invest in the stock market and earn money from it  


    I was wrong…

    I made a mistake…

    By giving the training away for free, I have NOT helped much.

    Only few have taken the training seriously. Most did not.

    Many were not patient enough to finish the course but have been asking me questions which should have been answered if they have stayed until the end of the training.

    I’ve realized that most FREE things are usually overlooked, less valued.

    We tend not to value FREE stuff dahil hindi naman natin pinagpaguran, kaya hindi sayang.

    Unlike when we spend money on it, we commit to get the value of our money back.

    So, instead of helping, by giving this valuable training for FREE, I have delayed their success.

    I do not wish the same thing for you. I DO NOT want you to fail. 

    I want you to succeed. 

    But for you to succeed, you need to finish this course and take action. 

    That’s why I want you to spend money on this Stock Market Online Training. A minimal amount that you will never regret spending because after finishing the training, your 5489 Pesos will be paying itself a hundred or thousand times.

    To make you realized that what I’m saying is possible, take a look for yourself.

    Below are my sample earnings from the stock market.

    Earnings From Dividends

    Earnings From Capital Gains

    Paper Gains

    Reaping The Fruits Of My Investment: Sample Withdrawal Notice

    See, your 5489 Pesos is so little compared to the benefits you’ll be getting from this online training.  

    Why would you let scammers continue to take away your hard earned money if you can manage and multiply it on your own by investing it in the stock market? 

    All you need is to become aware of how to do it.

    But…This Is NOT for Everyone

    • This is ONLY for those who are serious to take responsibility of their financial success. 
    • This is ONLY for beginners who are willing and patient to learn.
    • This is ONLY for those who believe that changes happen over time.

    If YOU STRONGLY Desire, Totally, Deadly Serious 

    • to start earning passive income from the stock market while you are busy at work
    • to learn how to be a millionaire by becoming a partner of the big companies such as Jollibee and SM  
    • to give yourself a break from being a victim of scams
    • to turn your frustrations of losing time, energy, and money to feelings of abundance and gratitude

    I believe that the Stock Market Online Training or SMOT is for you

    But Please Do NOT Be Misled that if you take this training you will get rich instantly.

    This is not a get rich quick scheme

    This is as a get rich slow scheme

    A successful investing in the stock market needs time. Just like a mango tree, it needs time to grow before it bears fruits. 

    It's Time To  Make That Life Changing Decision. Which Are You Going To Tick?

    I will not take no action today and continue to waste my time and money as the market continues to move and changes the lives of those who are already riding on this vehicle to wealth.

    I will just ignore this nonsense and take a greater risks of putting off a better financial future of my family and let my children support me when I grow old.  

    I will Enroll today and start to discover the step by step process of how to multiply my money so that I will gradually secure my family's financial future and be able to enjoy my retirement days in abundance instead of begging for money from my children, relatives or friends. 

    Start Your Stock Market Online Training TODAY
    and get your Your FREEBIES
    Enroll Now

    This  online training offered at  an INTRODUCTORY Price of ₱5489 (Online Training Value is ₱14,978)

    Only ₱14,978​ ₱5489

    Both ONLINE and OFFLINE Payments are accepted

    **By purchasing our products, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, Privacy, Refund & Cancellation Policies.

    What Other People Are Saying...

    It's Your Turn To Make A Decision!

    Enroll NOW and Discover How To Invest and Double Your Money In The Stock Market Even If You Are Busy and a Newbie following the isavenvestify way 

    The Author

    Violeta Depalog - Teacher/OFW

    I regret the time that I have wasted so much money because of my wrong beliefs about it and living in a negative stereotype towards teachers.

    But I cannot turn back time.

    All I can do now is to learn from these mistakes and act to improve my life and other people’s lives around me.

    This is also the very reason why I’m very passionate in spreading financial education particularly saving and investing in the stock market to my fellow teachers and ordinary employees.

    You Can Just Get My E-Books

    If you only desire to get a copy of any of the extra ebooks, get them below.



    PROOF of PAYMENTS From Some of Our First Batch Customers

    ​Online Payments


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    We have made absolutely every effort to accurately represent this product and its potential. Despite this there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a get rich quick scheme – the techniques are proven but their capacity to generate wealth is based purely on the determination, commitment and willingness of the individual concerned.

    As with any investment, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials if any and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

    There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. There are some unknown risks in investment and on the internet that we cannot foresee which can reduce results. We are not responsible for your actions.

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    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

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