September 12, 2017

My mentor told me that there are only 2 questions that you need to ask yourself before acting on or ignoring an opportunity that comes your way.

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Surely, there are always 2 sides of a coin – head or tail.

In the boxing ring there is a BLUE corner and a RED corner.

In a cockpit, saan ka tataya – sa puti o sa pula?

And in the stock market there is a beauty of investing in stocks but, there are also beasts.

And most often, these beasts outweigh its beauty.

Here are the beauty of investing in the stock market

  1. You are making your money work for you while concentrating on your main source of income which is your full time job
  2. Your future and your loved ones future financial life is being secured
  3. Your unhealthy spending habits are slowly replaced by a responsible spending habits because you now prioritize saving and investing than unnecessary wants.

But these beasts of investing in stocks stuck you in that rut you are still in

  1. FEAR of losing money in the stock market because you are not sure how to choose good companies to buy and you do not have a solid strategies that work with your personality
  2. GREEDINESS to earn us much money as you can
  3. IMPATIENCE to wait for your money to grow


And IF these BEASTS are the ones that are stopping you, you should ask yourself these TWO questions that my mentor taught me.

Question 1: What could be the WORST thing that will happen to me if I do this?

Will I die?

Will I get seriously ill?

Will my family and I go hungry?

Will I be bankrupt?

Will I lost all my money?

Surely, you won’t die, you won’t be seriously ill, certainly you won’t go hungry and absolutely you won’t lose all your money.

You might lose some but eventually you’ll be learning the ropes to successful investing if you will be very serious about it.

Question 2. What could be the BEST thing that will happen to me if I’ll do this?

Your answers to this will be the BEST things that you will NEVER have for missing such an opportunity.

The bottom line is, every opportunity for progress brings risks but the most risky part is not trying at all.

You don’t have to be perfect to do what you want. The biggest BEAST we face in life is the FEAR to FAIL, but we have to fail in order to succeed.

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