May 2, 2016

We just celebrated the International Labor Day yesterday and I was observing my Facebook feed of any updates on Labor Day activities in our country. Unfortunately, all I can see are the feeds about the political campaigns of our presidential candidates. It seems that yesterday was the presidential candidates’ Rally Day. Well. I don’t blame them because there are only 7 days left before the Presidential Election on May 9th. This must be the best opportunity for them to be on the streets promising the Filipino citizens of a good life once they are elected.

What is it?

labor day

According to, the “Labor Day is a day set aside to pay tribute to working men and women.” In short it is the day to celebrate workers who do the labors that brings the world to its famed development now.

Although we still have a Labor Day holiday in our time, it now carries less significance as a celebration of working people. These days, Schools, government offices and businesses are closed on Labor Day so people can get one day off to go shopping and spending their hard earned money from their hard done labor. And this year, it became the significant day for the candidates running for any government offices to give mostly empty promises to the people of our country.

Your Money Machine Deserves Care

Let’s forget about our presidential bets for a while and let’s have a look at the essence of the Labor Day and see how we can give dignity to our day to day job that brings food on our table.

Do you still remember your feelings when you were looking for a job after graduation? Can you still taste that frustration from rejection after applying from one office to another to get that job you were eyeing for? Can you still smell that desperation then you finally decided to just take any job offer that comes to you just to stop the growling of your hungry stomach? Then at last, when you already have a job, you started complaining about it, and hating it.

Without a machine, you can hardly produce anything good. An artist with no paint brush cannot produce an admirable art. A farmer without a ‘bolo’ or a machete will take him decades to till his land and produce crops. A man without a decent job can hardly produce a decent amount of money to improve his life. See how important tools are? And yet after having your tool, you come to learn to hate it.

Every machine needs maintenance

Like jobs, every job is essential. You keep it maintained then it works well. Keep it rusty, then it just brings troubles. Take good care of your money machine, make sure your tools are maintained.  Be reminded also that a machine can create another machine.

Whatever kind of money machine you have right now, it has the ability to manufacture more machines that will help you improve your financial life depending on how you clean and upgrade them.

Be A Responsible Owner

The performance of any machine depends on its owner. The output of a work done depends on the worker. The performance produced by your job is dependent on the performer. Although there are inevitable outside forces that may stop your machine from working, it is still the owner who has the most ability to find a way to make it work. Don’t depend on others like these presidential candidates to be the one to repair and maintain your machine for you. DIY – Do it yourself.

So the next time you go to work, think of it as maintaining your best machine to create more machines.

For me, the Labor Day is a reminder of how to be a responsible machine owner, how machines are to be maintained and to be upgraded and not a day to complain of what kind of machine you have got.



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