July 1, 2017

You will be amazed by what the internet can do these days. Most of my students think of the internet as their savior from the tons and tons of research work they have to do every semester.

For many, it is a source of entertainment that breaks the monotony in their day to day life. Just like now, while waiting for our next flight from Hong Kong to Manila, many passengers are on their pads, phones and computers watching movies online, playing online games or on social media.

And because of this widely spread use of the internet, it has become a platform for speakers and entrepreneurs to give FREE WEBINARS in which  people from different places gather together online to learn for FREE.

But with the thousands of people giving FREE webinars, many become more hesitant to attend because of the notion that it will be a waste of their time and the webinar will not be really helpful unless they buy the products being promoted by the webinar host.

Fortunately, there are still other groups that really give valuable and useful lessons in their webinars. The Truly Rich Club for example has been very passionate in giving free webinars to provide free financial education to everyone interested to make changes in their financial lives.

That’s why even with my very busy schedule yesterday, I do not have any regrets spending 2 hours of my time attending the TRC’s GlobalPro + QuickStart Webinar and learning from the 2 hosts Burn Gutierrez and Joey Tayaban with her son JJ, and with their featured guest Marv De Leon.

Reading through the valuable lessons shared in this free webinar will totally change your attitude towards freebies online.

The 2 BIG S from the GlobalPro+QuickStart Webinar That Will Change Your Business and Financial Life

A.Social Media

Social Media Can Be Your Great Partner To Your Business Success

Marv De Leon, the founder of Freelance Blend shared the 15 Steps To Generate Leads & Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Things Have Changed

It’s a fact that life today isn’t the same as it used to be many years ago, but there’s one thing in business that hasn’t changed and that is, wooing your prospective customers.

Marv compares selling to your customers with “making ligaw” to his wife.

It is called building relationship first.

You won’t propose to a girl that you want to marry her on your first meeting, will you?

And with the boom of technology and the widespread use of the social media, businesses have come to embrace the social media as a leverage to succeed in their business.

And according to Marv De Leon, the Philippines being the number 1 social media users in terms of the number of hours each individual stay on social media like Facebook, this has become a very important tool for businesses.

This is where you can attract customers, build relationship with them, sell to them.

But in order for you as a businessman to be able to do this, here are the 15 steps that Marv De Leon teaches us.

1.Select a Profitable Niche

Who is your specific target and what will you serve them with

2.Write Down your elevator pitch

This is to open up conversation with your prospects.

What do you want them to associate you or your brand with when they hear your name or your brand.

Marv has given us a sentence structure or a format to fill in and it goes like this.

3.Choose a social platform to dominate

With different social media platform on the internet, it is a wise decision to choose a platform to dominate, Facebook for example.

4.Create your social media profile

It is important that you have to build yourself up. Start it by using a high resolution picture of your face and an attractive banner or cover image.

5.Update your about, Intro and Username

6.Create a prospect list in FB

Since Facebook only allows an individual to have one Facebook account, it has made it possible to segment your FB friends in different groups.

Therefore, you can choose which FB friends you will share a specific post to.

7.Facebook Profile or Page

Creating a Facebook Page is more advisable to promote your business because of its advantages that can help you reach as many prospects as possible.

You will also be able to create ads and promote them in your FB page.

8.Create and Curate content

Once you already have a Facebook Profile or Facebook Page, you now start creating content to share. You may also curate content in which you may post and share materials you found on the web that you think may give meaning to your prospects.

Just a note of caution: Don’t be spammy. People hate spams. You don’t need to post and share content by the hour.

9.Always be helping

For your social media presence to be a successful too for your business, Marv reminds us to be always helping instead of always selling.

10.Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn can also be helpful to promote you and your brand. Especially if your target are professionals because it is known that most of these prospects can be found on LinkedIn.

11.Listen and Engage

To know your target customers more, it is also important to listen to them. Listen to their problems and engage with them.

12.Share More Videos

Videos are the most shared post type on Facebook. It beats Youtube on the number of times posted videos are viewed and shared.

13.Join or Create your own group

Create your community or a club through Facebook groups. You can have discussion forums with the members and the members can also engage with other group members by posting and sharing content.

14.Live stream with Facebook Live

15.Invest in Facebook Ads (Boost Post)

Finally if you want to reach more people, you also have to spend a little on your FB Ads. One example of it is through boosting your post.

You may also avail of Marv De Leon’s PPT slide at www.freelanceblend.com.smhandouts

B.Stock Market

Host Joey Tayaban made it clear that investing in the stock market doesn’t need to be complicated.

Do you still remember the story of Gina which I keep sharing with you?

Joey once again challenges us that if Gina, who is a maid has made it to the stock market, why can’t you?

What enables Gina to invest in stocks?

If you have been reading my stories in the past that is because Gina has a very reliable, trustworthy, and caring mentor.

With a mentor like Bo Sanchez of the Truly Rich Club, plus Gina’s discipline, she is able to make her money grow exponentially in stocks.

But wait…

The Truly Rich Club that helps Gina and other members to succeed in their stock market investment is a club membership.

Meaning, once you become a member of the TRC, you will be guided to succeed financially and spiritually. Thus, the monthly membership fee of 497 Pesos is not yet your investment in stocks but it is like the monthly salary you pay to your stock market mentor and life coach as well.

One of the amazing features of the TRC is the generosity of Bo Sanchez, in which he selflessly provides death benefit amounting to 100,000 Pesos to members who have fully paid their 1 year membership.

TRC Guides Your Stock Investment through its SAM table where the suggested stocks are listed with their price, buy below price and target price. The SAM table is accessible on the memebrs area upon logging in.

When a stocks are on sale or is ready to be sold, the TRC also sends stock alert emails to the club members.

Please Click below to see the other blessings that you can receive from the Truly Rich Cub

Blessing You Receive From The Truly Rich Club

So, How To Invest In Stocks

Joey mentioned that you can do this in 2 ways

1.Directly investing in stocks

You will open a broker account and you will be buying and selling your stocks yourself. You can see it like a DIY investing (Do It Yourself).

And if this worries you because you may not have a clear idea on how to do it and how to manage your investment on your own, the TRC is there to help you.

2.Indirectly investing stocks

This is investing in stocks through a third party like the Mutual Funds, VUL of insurance companies and the UITF of the banks.

And to be parallel with the direct stock investing, you invest on the equity fund because your fund will be used to buy and sell shares of the different companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Investing indirectly in stocks makes you like a boss because you will be hiring (paying) a fund manager to do the investing for you and that is why, you will be paying monthly charges.

So, Ms Joey advises that if you can do it yourself, you might as well invest directly in stocks by opening a broker account.

Opening an account (For COL)

Funding Your Broker Account

Funding your broker account so you will be able to buy shares is done through bills payment.

You may do this through online banking or over the counter.

It’s just like paying your electricity bill.

After the initial investment of 5000 Pesos, you may fund any amount depending on your budget.

15 Year Old Teaching How To Buy Stocks

To be more helpful to the webinar participants, Ms Joey’s son JJ did a live demonstration on how he buys 500 shares of AP through COLFinancial as his online broker.

What surprises me and motivates me more to continue in my stock market investing endeavor is when I hear JJ, a 15 year old home schooler teaching adults how to buy shares. It is so easy for him that I wish I should have known it when I was his age or when I started earning my own money.

  1. Log in to your broker account
  2. Go to Trade button
  3. Click on Enter Order
  4. Type the Stock Code
  5. Choose the 3rd price on the Ask Column
  6. Enter how many shares you want to buy
  7. Click on Preview Order
  8. Enter Your Password
  9. Click Place Buy Order
  10. You can check your order buy clicking on Show Order (You will see whether your order is executed or not yet)

Here are some of JJ’s thoughts:

  1. Avoid buying penny stocks
  2. Do not put all your money in stocks in one go
  3. Invest in stocks to also fund your dreams and not just for your retirement.

Valuable Thoughts From Joey and Burn About Investing In the Stock Market

  1. Be clear about your purpose/amount
  2. Invest for long term
  3. Invest funds you won’t be needing yet
  4. Invest regularly
  5. Investing in stocks is not about how many companies do you own but it is how many shares you own in a company.
  6. A beneficiary can claim your investment in your sudden demise after paying the estate tax
  7. In case your online broker is no longer in service, the PSE will be on the rescue direct your shares to another established brokerage or redeem your fund.
  8. Execute what you’ve learn

Burn Guttierez talks more about thin in his blog >>Do You Really Need To Get A Life Insurance?  

Joey believes that:

and so she ended the Webinar with a quote from Kenneth Blanchard that goes:

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.

Investing in the stock market will not solve everything. There are steps to follow.


P.S. If you find this article helpful, bless your friends and family, too by sharing it to them, too. 

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