July 9, 2017

Wordsmiths change the world to what it has become.

We’ve elected politicians mostly because of words.

Churches are built and supported through words.

Words create wars, peace, progress.

Because of words, life can change overnight.

And believe me, that words can also change your financial life.

Words coupled with action and determination are the basic ingredients of a successful financial life.

Write these 4 short sentences, believe and act on them

1.I know what I want

One of my favorite quotes in Robert Kiyosaki’s book Retire Young Retire Rich is

“A reason or a purpose is a combination of wants and don’t wants”

Having a clear goal in mind is necessary before you start saving.

What do you want? For sure you will say, “To be happy”.

But what do you mean to be happy? What’s the definition of “To be happy” for you? You have to be very specific.

You have to be clear of what you really want.

A house? A car? A million dollars?

It is also necessary that you have to know why you want such things.

If you understand why you want to have these things, you will be motivated and be disciplined enough to achieve them.

2.I will live within my means

While building your wealth, it is good to bear in mind to live within your means.

Once you have a clear purpose and reason why you want something, you will do whatever it takes to have them. However, borrowing or going into a bad debt or living over your means to achieve them should be out of the picture.

Otherwise, you’ll be buried in debt and you will never achieve those goals no matter how clear they are to you.

Not unless you are Robert Kiyosaki who borrows good debts to build companies that give him more returns.

3.I will save

If you are single, you should be saving a larger portion of your salary.

I’ve read about the 70-20-10 rule of saving which is 70% of your salary goes to expenses, 20% to your savings and 10% to GOD. This is just a guide. You may create your own allocation. The point is, you should NOT spend all your monthly income. Pay yourself first by taking your savings first, whatever amount it is before spending the rest.

Again if you are still single, you can actually lessen the proportion of your expenses and allocate more to your savings.

But then again you will say, ehh…can’t do that. I’m supporting him, supporting her, supporting them, paying for this, paying that.

I understand, I am too. But make it a priority to save for the future no matter how small the amount is. If you do this regularly, you will be amazed of how much your savings will become.

4.I will invest

Make money work for you – Just like the rich do.

“The rich does not work for money, but money work for them…, while the poor work for money.” –Robert Kiyosaki

Will you prefer to spend your money right away and won’t have any in the future? Or invest a part of it and have money forever?

When you won’t start investing now, and you’ll be reading this same blog by this time next year, I bet you’ll say, “I wish I had started it earlier.”

You know why?

Because money grows over time, starting early gives you an opportunity to double, triple your gains as long as you are disciplined enough to follow simple investing strategies.

You don’t have enough money? That’s even the right time to invest because like what my mentor say, “Invest in time of famine”. 

Remember these sentences. Believe them and act on them.

I know what I want

I will live within my means

I will save

I will invest

Recite this often until it will sink in you. You just don’t know how powerful words are. One day, you’ll be thanking yourself for doing so.

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