July 18, 2017

For the first three years nothing will happen. It’s on the fifth year that you will realize, MAYAMAN na ako. If you want yung MABILIS, dun ka sa CASINO. – Bo Sanchez.

Invest regularly in the BIGGEST companies in the Philippines. You’ll grow slowly, BUT surely.

Hear it from Bo Sanchez himself in the video below as he briefly talks to us about investing for long term and investing regularly during the Truly Rich Club’s Quick Start Up implementation seminar on July 16, 2017 at the 4/F Summit Hall E, PICC.

(video credit to Joey Tayaban of facebook.com/colmejoey)

The Truly Rich Club’s main purpose is to help you re-align and strengthen your mindset not just on your finances – the stock market and entrepreneurship, but also on your spiritual life, love life and all other areas of your lives. In other words, to help GOOD people become RICH in all areas.

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In order for you to be able to trade (buy and sell) shares of stocks of the Philippine companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange, you have to open an online broker account.

Although there are other online brokers in the country, the Truly Rich Club recommends the COLFinancial not only because it’s the first and biggest online broker in the Philippines, but because it shares vision with the Truly Rich Club to teach and help the ordinary Filipinos (the MASA) to invest in stocks. That is why Edward Lee, the chairman of COLFinancial is being called by others as the Bro. Bo Sanchez of the brokerage.

However, you are absolutely free to choose your own online broker of choice.

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1. Look at the Stock Market at a Macro level

It’s true that the prices of shares of companies go up and down and up and down due to several factors, but if you look at the general overview of the market performance since its inception, it has been going up. A price per share haven’t gone back to its original price.

Example of this is Ayala Land.

There was a time last year that Ayala Land was sold at 27.5 Pesos per share. Today, Ayala Land is now sold at around 40-41 Pesos per share. Yes, Ayala Land has its ups and downs along the way as shown by the graph below but the price per share didn’t go back to its lowest price last year.So if you bought ALI (Ayala Land) at 30 Pesos per share a year ago and have been regularly adding shares since then, even though there has been constant ups and downs, have you lost or have still earned?

2.Buy more shares than the minimum boardlot

Boardlot is the minimum number of shares of companies you should buy in each transaction. If you want to buy more than the minimum boardlot, make sure that your additional shares is a multiple of the indicated boardlot

For example, Ayala Corporation or AC’s boardlot is 10 but you want to buy more, what you should do is to add multiples of 10. Therefore, you should buy, 20, 30, 40, 100, 110 shares.

Buying more shares than the minimum can help you save up for the transaction fees.

3.Avoid scams at all cost

Ask questions. If you don’t know anything about it, don’t go for it. You got to learn something about it first. You should know how your money earn or generate gains. And it is important that you should know how to get your money back when you need it.

If you like to learn how to invest in stocks step-by-step and how the stock market work from choosing a broker to withdrawing your funds, fill in this form and get your FREE ebook.

4.Invest as long as you are able to earn

You have to commit to your purpose. We go through different stages of life. If at this moment, you have a good earning opportunity or have lesser financial obligations and responsibilities, invest more.

There will become a time that you won’t be able to invest more. When you go through another stage of your life, things may be different.

5.Focus on one investment, have the right attitude, then expand.  

Having earned enough amount to begin a new venture is better than borrowing money to start a new business or investment right away.

Let’s face it, as an ordinary employee it’s not very easy to start different kinds of businesses at the same time. We need CAPITAL.

Therefore, simplify your living, multiply yourself and have the positive attitude. Keep growing, keep learning and feel and act as if you are rich. If you have the rich attitude, then wealth will be attracted naturally.


Can children invest in the stock market?

Yes, absolutely yes. But they have to be under the guidance of their parents. Bo Sanchez said his children are investing in stocks and so doe Joey and Jessie’s children. My 13 year old niece also applied a COL account right after this seminar.

When can parents hand-over their children’s account to them?

When they reach the legal age of 18. Parents can either totally hand-over the account to their children as the sole account owner or it can be converted to a parent-child joint account.

Note: In order to be able to do this, the 18 year old child should already have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

What will happen to the investor’s money if he passes away?

Your investment in stocks is not transferable nor has beneficiaries. BUT your family CAN CLAIM your investment after paying its estate tax. Therefore, to secure your investment or your estate, it is advisable to protect it with an insurance.

Do you want to know more about estate taxes? Joey Tayaban can tell you more about it. You can reach her at >>facebook.com/colmejoey<<

How many online stock broker account can you have?

You are entitled to have a maximum of 2 individual accounts but you can have an unlimited joint or ITF account. Which means, joint account with your spouse or children, or ITF account for your minor kids.

The bottom line is…

Learn how to start investing in the stock market and learn how to manage the blessings you are receiving now. If you can manage whatever you have at the moment, you will become trustworthy to receive more and manage BIGGER blessings from the Lord.

The Truly Rich Club gives a Quick Start Plus Implementation Seminar on how to invest in the stock market every first and third Sunday of the Month.

There are also Webinars usually given on Fridays for those who are based overseas and are in the provinces who won’t be able to attend the live seminars. You may click on the photo below to register for GlobalPro Webinar on July 21, 2017 or July 28, 2017 with JOEY Tayaban and Burn Gutierrez. See you there.

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