March 23, 2015

Investor. What a wonderful word to hear. stock-market-new
I couldn’t believe my friend and I have finally bought our first set of shares of stocks today from three different big companies in the country.

Can you imagine the excitement we have for being a co-owner of three big and well-known companies in the Philippines?

Filipinos don’t need to be millionaires to invest in the stock market. See, my friend and I are just simple citizens – an OFW and a boring teacher and of course, we are not millionaires, but we managed to buy shared ownership of some of the giant companies in the country with just our little amount of money-as little as 5,000 Pesos. Yes, you read that right. Don’t read it twice. It’s really as little as 5,000 Pesos to start your own investment in the stock market. I’m very sure your mobile phone, or your camera, or your computer, or even your shoes and bags cost more than that. 


Bro. Bo Sanchez’ story of his maids investing in the stock market is a very inspiring story. The last time I checked Bro. Bo’s update, one of her maids has made more than 700,000 Pesos by just regularly investing some of her salary in the stock market for years. This story pushes my button to take action.

You see, dreaming is not enough. As Andrew Matthews said, “You get motivated by doing things not by thinking about doing things. Action gets you excited and action reveals opportunity.”

People need to take action to turn their dreams to reality. Bro. Bo’s maids are inspiration to us all, but they should not only serve as inspiration, but examples worthy of emulation.

For the next months and years to come, my friend and I will be buying more shares, then more shares and more. No more procrastination. We decided to stop spending on unnecessary things like 2 bottles of coke per day, or pamasahe sa tricycle even though our destination is just 5 meters away and other stuff that can make us save more money so we can buy more shares of our top companies of choice.
Now that we are in, that we have started our first baby steps to financial independence, we are more motivated to keep moving forward. As of now, our money starts working for us as my friend and I concentrate on our day job.

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