June 17, 2016

Dear love,

I’ve just again came into your life a few days ago but here you are again dumping me away, replacing me with what you think are better than I am. Well, I’ve always been expecting for the day that you’ll give me up for something more important and I understand that but it pains me to see how soon of you to let go of me without even giving me a chance to prove my worth to you.

Sometimes I feel you are so selfish for taking me for granted. When we are together you only think about how will I make you happy but you never thought of how I might feel. I feel how eager you are to leave me every time you are attracted with others.

I can’t understand why is it so easy for you to throw me away although I am sure that I am healthy and I don’t have any communicable illnesses that I might infect you with. All I want to do is to serve you a bit longer and help you face a brighter future but you keep shoving me away.

crying heart

Because it seems that you are not able to see and appreciate me, I tried to come to you in different colors. I once met you in purple, in blue, in red, in orange, I even tried to be in silver but the results were all the same, you just turned me over to somebody else.

Then I thought maybe, it was all about my size, so I tried to gain, then slimmed down. I came to you in thousands, in hundreds, in tens, and in ones but still you didn’t pay much attention to me.

You just gave me up and left me in others’ hands who happened to appreciate me more than you do. I came to you as a whole but you broke me into pieces and scattered me around.

But even though I was away from you living on someone else’s side after I picked myself altogether, I never stopped thinking of you. I still come and visit you every month hoping that you will take me back but you never did.

There was time you were hungry and I gave you food, you were thirsty and I gave you a drink, you needed a place to stay and I gave you a room, you needed light and I did provide you. There was also a time when you wanted to have a new phone for your birthday and even though I was not strong enough, I tried my best to provide you with one through my family’s help.

There were many other instances that I always provide things to you but you never realized that I also needed to grow and gain enough strength to help you more. Like you when you were a child, you needed years to grow to be able to carry your books to school and do strenuous tasks that are required of you.

I still want to be with you if you let me. Let me help you but I need you to take good care of me, too. You can use me to be happy and be satisfied but please give me a room to grow so I can serve you more. So, dear let me ask you once more, do you still need me? Please say you do. But when you do please be sincere this time.

Don’t wait for the time that it is I who will give up on you because if I do, whether you accept it or not, your life will be miserable without me. I’m not threatening you but I am reminding you that you will only realize how important I am when I’m already gone.crying money face

I love you so much and I hope you will realize that soon.

Hugs and kisses,

Sha Larry


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