November 25, 2015

My Step By Step Guide in Buying 
My First Shares of Stocks
We have heard the word investment. Many of us may know what this is. However, believe me when I say many don’t have the correct understanding of what investment is. Some get themselves hooked up into wrong real quick money making. But when others do realize what it is, only few get themselves into real investment opportunities, and many procrastinate carrying the magic word to failure-“LATER”.  We give too many reasons to ourselves to justify our unwillingness to save and invest. People should learn how to manage their money so that they will be able to save and when they do that, they will be able to invest into the different vehicles of wealth.

What we usually do with our money

Many of us, once we receive our first salary from our first job after college, we usually spend our first salary treating our family and friends to lucrative meals. We use our first salary buying stuff that we think we need but actually we just want to have them. Unconsciously, we have already spent all our first salary without separating a portion for our savings, or the worst, we have already spent them all that we no longer have enough allowance before our next salary comes. 

The same case with many OFWs. Once they have received their pay, they go to the Western Union to send almost all their money home without separating a small amount for their savings for emergency purposes. When the OFW’s remittance is received by a family member, the first stop is the mall, the restaurant, disregarding the basic needs they need to settle first.

People are just like this, People are just so impulsive that when they have money, as if they will get sick if they don’t spend it right away. Many of us disregard the future. Many of us just don’t think too much about saving. People just don’t think too much about investing, thinking that investing is only for the rich.

What to Do Instead

Investing is not only for the wealthy. How do wealthy people become rich? Many of the rich people like Henry Sy and John Gokongwei once lived like many of us. Henry was once a shoe vendor, John was once a seller peddling items on the streets of Cebu, but they know how to save. They know how to grow money. And now, every time you received a remittance, every time you get your salary, Henry Sy and John Gokongwei collect them. You are unconsciously giving it to them by your regular visits to Henry Sy’s malls, buying John Gokongwei’s Universal Robina Products, using Sun Cellular’s calling and messaging service, flying on Cebu Pacific Airlines. But that can stop. You have the ability to stop it. You have the capacity to save a little amount of your money and invest them to grow.

I know, shopping is fun. I am a big shopper myself, too. Back then, I will spend most of my monthly salary shopping for goods, but I became smarter. I still shop, but I do it smartly. Now, I spend a particular portion of my salary shopping more assets rather than gadgets. Shopping is exciting but saving and investing is even MORE exciting.


There are many investment instruments in the Philippines now. We have VULs, UITF, Mutual Funds, Real Estate and we have the Stock Market. This eBook will show you how investing in the Philippine stock market can be done by ordinary citizens like you and me. You will read how I personally started mine by opening a stock investor account through one of the well-known stock brokers in the country. This may serve as your guide once you also decided to start changing your life and the life of your love ones. 
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