December 10, 2016

When I ask someone, may it be a family, a friend or a co-worker about their saving and investing habits, the usual answer I get is, “I don’t save because I have nothing left to save” and so it follows that they have nothing to invest. It makes sense, right? This is a common problem to anyone who only depends on one source of income especially if the salary is just enough to cover the monthly expenses of the whole family and kadalasan, kulang pa.

And so, if you also have the same reason why you still haven’t started saving or investing as this year ends, it’s time to look for opportunities to increase the source of the money coming in to your pocket every month.

Below are the 2 things that you can do online to start generating more income so that in the New Year to come you will be able to save and eventually grow your savings.

If you are reading this from your mobile device or from your laptop, there is no doubt that you have the basic tools to be able to do this which are: a computer and an internet connection.

These 2 ways that I will introduce to you if done correctly will definitely boost your income without disregarding your tasks in your fulltime work.

1.Be an affiliate

Being an affiliate is simply promoting other people’s product to customers and when purchase is successfully made through your affiliate link, you will have a share from the owner’s income.

There are many companies and authors that offer affiliates such as Paypal, Wishpond, Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez, and other entrepreneurs and internet marketers.

For many, you need to be a member or a user of that product before you can become an affiliate. This is reasonable because how can you promote a product to others if you have no idea what it is and how it will benefit people?

2.Create digital products and sell them online

Example of common digital products are eBooks, podcasts, videos, e-course, webinars, and online coaching.

The good thing about digital products is the automation. Because everything is done online from the placing of order to the payment and until delivery, you don’t have to physically take orders, sort and wrap them up, physically post the orders to your customers. This will save you much time and will enable you to do other stuff.

Also, since this is on the internet, your product can reach as many potential customers as it can. Imagine preparing for the next day’s activities at work, then suddenly you’ll receive an email or a notification from PayPal informing you of a certain person who has sent you a particular amount of money for the payment of your eBook or e-course.

But just a word of caution: As you increase your cash coming in, see to it that you won’t increase the cash going out by unnecessary spending. You should not earn more so that you can spend more, but you should earn more so that you can save and invest more.

I hope that next year, you will be proud saying that you have finally added cash to your savings account and started to invest when asked about your saving and investing habit.

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