June 30, 2018


The Cactus Blossoms sings, “Change Your Ways Or Die”.  My High School Physics Teacher once told me, “The only constant in the world is Change”.  Jose Mari Chan also sings, “life is a constant change”. 

Nothing happens unless you change.

If you followed the meme in the past weeks of posting your photo taken in 2012 side by side with your photo in 2017, you may have already seen the obvious differences in those two photos. You have either aged or like Benjamin Button, get younger. You have either gained weight or lose some. May have had short hair, then long hair, grey hair or brown, curly then straight. Or for some…just a bald shiny head.


Unfortunately, the changes in our physical body do not always sync with the changes in our spiritual, emotional, mental and financial aspects of our lives.

Most often than not, no matter how physically old we are, we are still stuck in our old ways. We are enclosed in our old paradigms especially when we talk about money.

We unarguably change PHYSICALLY everyday and as our body changes the world does, too. This includes the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEI), which we as one of the indicators of the general state of the Philippine economy.

Here is a graph that shows where the PSEI is in 2012 and in 2017. While your body has been undergoing its natural physical changes, the Philippine Stock Market does, too.

Changes In The Stock Market


We can simply interpret this as the higher the PSEI is, the better economy our country. We can soon translate this as “good time to start investing”.

As 2018 starts, stock prices keep soaring. Many investors have already reached their set price or target price. So instead of welcoming the New Year with incurred debts during the holidays, they have started the Year with gains from their stock sales.

These are those who decided to synchronize their physical changes with their financial education.

Then again, as 2018 moves forward, the PSEi once again show changes of movement as prices of stocks go down.  This is also giving opportunities to value investors.  An opportunity to accumulate shares of stocks to sell when the market will again soar.

This article will challenge you to start making few changes in your financial life, now.

Now is the time.



To start with, finish reading this blog post. This Contains Questions and Answers about investing in stocks between me and one of our isavenvestify subscribers.


How Often To Buy Stocks
When To Sell Stocks
What To Do With Buying Power


1.When Should I Be Selling My Shares Of Stocks

It depends on your greed level. We all have this human nature of being greedy, of wanting to have some more. Therefore, because of uncontrolled greediness, like Macbeth, we often fall into traps of tragedy.

Therefore, before buying shares of stocks of a particular company, you should have a clear plan of when to sing Frozen’s “let it go, let it go”.

You should set how much significant gain is acceptable to you. This is where a target price comes in.

If you buy stocks ABC at 10 Pesos per share, you may have decided to let it go at 14 Pesos per share. You should be ready to sell it when stocks ABC reaches this price. Sell it without hesitations of what if the price goes up tomorrow or the next day because, what if NOT.

2.After Selling My Stocks, What Should I Do With The Money In My “Buying Power”

Obviously, if you want to double your money, use this amount to buy stocks of another good performing company. A company which is not yet overvalued-that are cheaper and has good opportunity for growth.

3.Should I Buy Stocks Again This Month Even Though I Have Already Bought Stocks For This Month?

You can always buy anytime, multiple times if you wish. This depends on how much buying power you have to buy additional shares of stocks in your portfolio you still have.

However, if you want to save on your transaction fees, you may also decide to wait for more funds and do your purchase the next month.

The decision depends on your personality and priority as an investor. Would you prefer to save on your fees and wait for next month to buy more shares? Or would you risk to buy now hoping that your gains will off set your transaction fees?

In May 28, 2017, the PSEI closes at 7885 and Last Friday, January 12, 2018 it peaked at 8868. A powerful reminder that changes do really happen every minute.

Will you start changing your old paradigm and create positive changes in your financial life?


The stock market, like our physical body does suffer from illnesses, too. There are times that it doesn’t function in its full and so does perform badly. But by being aware of things to do can prevent you from possible losses.


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