December 31, 2016

As each year ends, we look back and reminisce the good and bad old days that it has brought us. Then, we prepare a plan for the incoming year looking forward for better days to come. But if you stop for a while and think of the many years that have past, it seems that the “New Year’s Resolutions” you make every year don’t differ from what you have listed from the previous years.

What does this imply? For me, it seems that you are not moving forward. It’s a sign that you’ve been stuck. Otherwise, you have different set of resolutions each New Year.

Let’s look into the aspect of finance. How many times did you include “saving money” in your list of New Year’s resolution each year but when that year ends you actually have none?

For this last blog of this year, I’ll outline a different way of ending a year and beginning a brand new year that will give you a higher probability of achieving your financial goals, to keep you moving from where you are stuck at now to a better place.

Looking Back

Grab your pen and a paper and scribble a report of what has this year been like to you. Let the guide questions below help you.

1.What did you invest most of your spare time on?

Although you often complain how busy you are, you actually have a significant number of spare time after work. In one of my blogs this year, I wrote about the actual number of hours we have between our last hour of work during the day and our sleeping time. The question is, what do you do during this time?

Example: I invested most of my spare time reading, writing and communicating with my small community of teachers and other ordinary employees who want to improve their financial situation.

2.What did you spend most of your effort and attention on?

Of course you have a job and most of your time is spent on it. Have you put most of your effort to better yourself and be more effective in your work?

Besides your fulltime job, did you spend most of your effort and attention on other stuff as well?

Example: My effort and attention this 2016 has been spent on website building, discovering the needs and problems of my small online community and responding to it, and paid much attention to the up and down prices of shares in the stock market.

3.Where did you put most of your money on?

To be successful in your financial goals, one of the most important aspect that you should pay attention to is what you mostly spend your money on. Are they often spent on needs or on wants?

You should be careful in defining what needs really mean to you.

Example: Education is one of the needs that I have to meet this 2016 for me to succeed in my newly found passion of online entrepreneurship.  So, I put more money on online courses and books where I learned new online entrepreneurship skills.

4.Which other streams of income have you started doing?

I most often hear friends and family sharing how small their income is that make it impossible for them to save. That’s why their initial plan at the beginning of the year to save is often not achieved.

Others have been very smart to begin other sources of income to augment their daily needs and to give them extra money to save. They did some tutoring, online selling or creating and selling their own products.

Example: This 2016 I started with my Truly Rich Club affiliate and launched my eBook, The Big Fat Fish which is a simplified guide on picking stocks for starting stock market investors.

5.How do you describe this year?

Finally, describe how this year is like to you. Having a clear view of what this year is like gives you a clear starting point on how your next year should be.

Example: This year has been a learning year for me. I did a lot of trials and errors in my online business. I failed most of the time and lose more and felt frustrated. I rediscovered some of my potentials but faced the battle of self-doubt. The bright side of all these is I gained more confidence to do better in the year that comes.

Moving Forward

After writing your year-end personal financial report in the first part of this blog, you may now have a clear picture of what this ending year is like to you. You’ve seen your failures and successes which serve as your starting point to begin another year.

As you look forward to 2017 and start seeing yourself in it, make sure to create a clear vision in mind of how will you like your year 2017 be based on how your 2016 was.

Example: My starting point is my learning year of 2016, so I’m looking at myself to be implementing the things I’ve learned. I see 2017 as a year of action and implementation. Thus my Big Financial Goal is to do more marketing and sales, saving and investing to reach the amount of $$$.

Once you have a clear vision of what your 2017 will be like, and set your financial goal, you can now start working on the essential points to achieve it. Your vision will guide you through on the tiny details of what you should be doing.

Let me share with you one of my favorite online mentor, Arianne Serafico’s, prompt to further guide you in successfully achieving your vision.

“What do I want to invest a lot of my time, effort, attention and money this 2017?”

To attain your BIG financial vision for the year 2017:

  1. What should you be investing a lot of your time?
  2. What should you be spending a lot of your effort and attention?
  3. What must you be investing your money on?

Example: To achieve my financial vision of 2017, I will be investing a lot of my time talking to my community. I will be spending much of my effort and attention in improving my writing and communication skills and overcoming my self-doubt. I will be writing more letters and helpful blogs and launching a new e-book and e-course to help my community solve their financial problems mostly by teaching them ways to earn, save and invest. I’ll be investing my money on advertising, outsourcing and mentorship and I will continue to gradually invest in the stock market.

So, instead of listing down so many little goals which are not different from what you used to write in the past years which will eventually just stay on the list all year round, unmaterialized, you begin it with ONE CLEAR BIG GOAL this year. And let this one STRIKING goal be the shining star that leads your way towards a successful 2017.

Happy New Year!!!


P.S. 1: Are there things particularly on saving and investing in the stock market that you would like to learn more about in 2017?  Don’t be shy to let me know and we’ll figure them out together. Just leave your questions on the comment box below. 

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