December 24, 2016

“Simbang Gabi” has just ended and we are now looking forward to the long awaited Christmas Eve. For some, the “lechon baboy” is now ready to be devoured. For others, the presents under the Christmas tree are now going to be unwrapped. Unfortunately, there are those who have none and just sleep it through the night.

No matter where you are right now and no matter what situation you are in, there’s always a reason and a way to make this Christmas a merry one because you know what? It’s not always about the “bonggacious Noche Buena” or “Mamahaling Regalo” that makes Christmas Happy. You may afford any of these, but it may not be as happy as you imagine.

The most important activity that you should not missed this Christmas is PRAYING.

Whether you have Noche Buena or wala, Prayers of Thanksgiving and Praise will give meaning to it all. After all, He is the main reason we are celebrating today.

Then, to fulfill the spirit of Christmas as the season of love and giving, you should GIVE.

There’s always something that you can give. Give LOVE. Reconnect with loved ones. Give the FORGIVENESS that has been longed for from you for many years. Give TIME with your parents, kids, family. HUG your parents, your brothers, sisters, your friends. Say “I LOVE YOU” to the people you love.  See, you don’t need big boxes of expensive gifts to give because the greatest gift that one can receive today are not the material ones.

And finally, gracefully RECEIVE the blessings of Christmas.

There should always be a balance of everything. As you give, you should also be willing to receive. Blessings come in different forms. They may not be presented in the ways you were expecting them to be, but if you give time to yourself to count the simple tokens of love you are receiving today, you will realize how they overflow towards you.


P.S. 1: I am running a “Christmas Kris Kringle”  game where I give 1000 Pesos on Christmas Day to the lucky winner. The game runs until tomorrow, December 25, 2016 at exactly 9 in the morning (Manila Time). If you are interested to join, just click on this link: “Christmas Kris Kringle” to sign up.

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