March 27, 2017

At some point in your life, you must have desired something but you were left heartbroken because you failed to attract that thing you’ve been dreaming to have.

The reason is you are not seductive enough. You lack the charisma to let that thing be attracted to you. You don’t have the magnet to attract that job, that position, that money, that wealth you’ve been wanting all these years. Or you might have the magnet but you’re probably positioning it in a wrong direction. Remember that the same poles repel and that opposite poles attract.

I would like to apologize for disappointing you at this moment. We will talk about seduction in this article but not the seduction that it might have naughtily insinuated but I assure you that the word seductive in the title will make sense as you go through the end of this blog.

So, if your dreams keep repelling from you, how can you seduce them back and finally get them?

How can you be seductive to them to make you irresistible?

The answer is simple and that is, you have to give.

Remember the old saying, “The more you give, the more you receive”? It might sound old school or corny, but you know what? It works. There must be something that you can give to attract your dreams until they’re yours.

Let me give you a simple example. When I visited the Great Wall few weeks ago, there is this souvenir shop that sells Great Wall key chains. Well, there were many shops there that sells key chains but this particular souvenir shop that my friends and I went to gives something that makes her more seductive to the tourists than the other shop owners-and that is-free engraving when you buy a key chain from her.

So, when the other tourists saw what she was doing with the key chains that my friends bought, they were attracted then suddenly swarm around and started buying, too.

But how about if you’re not a key chain seller. What is that, which you can give to finally make you enticing?

1.Give time

The number 1 issue why you are not succeeding is you make yourself believe that you are too busy and that you don’t have enough time. And this mindset keeps circling over and over again around your brain until you are convinced that the only free time you have within 24 hours is when you have to use the bathroom.

Give time to yourself to learn something new one step at a time about that business or investment you’ve been planning to start. Give time to improve yourself and learn new skills that will further qualify you on that job you’ve been aiming for a long time.

2.Give effort

This reminds me of that popular Juan Tamad story who lied down under the guava tree and waited for the guava fruit to fall on his widely opened mouth. Yes, he had made effort to open his mouth, but the effort is not enough.

Why do other people fail? The effort they give is not enough. You want to prosper, to be wealthy for instance, but when an opportunity to learn is there in front of you, you don’t effort enough to grab it.

Let me give you another simple example.

I give free ebooks and one of the ebooks is about investing in the stock market and the title includes the phrase, step by step guide.

Yet, people who have seen the ebook ask me questions like, how should I start? What do I need to do? How much money do I need? And sometimes, just the word HOW? Then I ask, have you read the ebook? And the answer is, “Not yet, but can you tell me about it”. Hehe

Sometimes, the opportunity is already there but you don’t give more effort to get it. The old saying, “If there’s a will, there’s a way” says it all.

3.Give patience

What we want is the shortcut. One of the reasons why many don’t succeed in investing, like investing in stocks, is they don’t want to give patience. They want quick money.

So what do they do? They settle on penny stocks even though they don’t have any knowledge of the market’s technical analysis.

For a teacher like you or an employee like you who have no any idea of timing the market, don’t even think about trading, yet. Give more patience to learn first before you do it.

Give more patience on your blue chips – the big, stable, reputable and established companies. They may move slowly compared to other companies but like what Bo Sanchez said, the turtle always wins.

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4.Give money

Finally, you have to give some cash away.

If you want to seduce success, you must be willing to give some money away in exchange of books, seminars, trainings that will empower you, that will build you up to be a better version of you to enable you to be alluring to success.

Let’s try this one more saying. “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.

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Remember: To be seductive, you must give.


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