October 6, 2017

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If you want to receive, GIVE.

Do you have friends who seemed to be a magnet to the good things in the world?
Friends who either have great jobs, or great friends – happy relationships, who receive bags and boxes of gifts on their birthdays-Christmas day-and even on ordinary days, friends who are in good health, friends who have always money.

But do you also have friends who often attract bad luck, as in MALAS?
Friends who are always out of job, or have less friends – in an unhealthy relationships, or friends who receive gifts but mostly because of duty or social obligation, or friends who are always broke.

Have you found the answer to why there are lucky and unlucky people? As in taong laging sinu-swerte at taong puro na lang malas ang buhay?

But is it really about luck?

Well, sometimes luck or an opportunity can be one of the factors to success but the most important factor is the amount of things you are willing to give.

Because even though the opportunity is already there, but we aren’t willing to give something away to lock that opportunity in, you will never get any chance to catch that good luck.
What should you give to attract good things in life like love, health and money?


Image Source: http://sunnybankchurch.com.au/blessed-give-receive/


1. To receive Love, you have to give love
Do you remember the cliché that love begets love? If you sow love today, harvest season will come to reap the fruit of those little seeds of love that you’ve sown.

But this does not mean that you will always receive love back from the same people whom you have given them. And This does not mean that you should be expecting something in return when you love.

Love comes back to those who love unconditionally, to those who love sincerely.

2. To receive good health, you have to give good healthy life style to your body
You want to get away from diabetes? You have to give up your cravings of sugary food.
You want a healthy heart arteries? You have to give up fatty foods.
You want an energetic day ahead of you? You have to give a quality sleep to your body.

You cannot get fit by hoarding all the food in your body.
(and Yes, I have to start giving up many things away to keep fit, too)

3. To receive money, you have to give money
Why do you think successful entrepreneurs unstoppably seduce money towards them?
Because they are willing to give money to receive money.
They are willing to spend money for education – to invest in themselves.
They don’t hesitate to spend money to start a new business and expand an existing business.
They love spending money to provide more value – goods and services to people.

And in return, if they spend good money to provide good value, good money returns to them in a hundred, thousand, million, billion fold.

Do you believe if I say that there are people who wish to be entrepreneurs, to make big sum of money but are not willing to invest a single peso away?

Oh, believe me there are still many. Just few minutes ago, I read this from one of my Facebook Groups.

“Gusto ko po sanang magbisness. Ano pong bisnes ang mairerecomend nyo. Yung hindi kailangan ng capital pero maganda ang kitaan?”

I wanted to LOL (laugh out loud). Although there are some legit businesses that you can start without paying anything, you still need to shell out money to market your business if you want to be succeed in it.

So, stop asking your friend the, “How To Be You” question because whatever it is that you want to receive, you now know what to do to get it.

You have to give it first.

There are so much more to give to receive more. Give time, give effort, give patience…And when you start reaping you’ll be surprised how abundant the harvest will be.

You have GIVE to RECEIVE.

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