December 10, 2015

While I was dressing up for work today, I was listening to music on YouTube then, this song was played.
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time lasting…
Where have all the young girls gone?
Gone to young men everyone…
Then I found myself smiling at the mirror singing the song with different lyrics.
Where have all my money gone?
Long time ago…
Where have all my money gone?
Most are wasted anywhere
When will I ever learn?
When will I eever learn?
Then it dawned on me. OMG, absolutely! Where did all my money go? Many years have passed, I’ve been earning money for almost 14 years but where have all my earnings gone? It may be a little better this year because I’ve been introduced to the world of stock market investing, but how about the past 13 years? Where have all my earnings for the past 13 years gone? Answer: Nowhere. Some, to stuff that I thought are assets but actually liabilities. Some? I don’t know. Seriously, no joke. 
Few more days left and the year 2015 is over and have you also ever wondered where have all your earnings gone ever since you started working for money? Where have all your salary gone since you started working abroad – away from your love ones? Have you ever asked yourself? Let’s disregard the past years, let’s just take a look at 2015 alone. If we add up our 12 months earnings, how much did we earn this year? From the total amount of our 1 year money, how much did we save? How much did we invest?
a. Much
b. Not much
c. Just a little
d. None of the above
None of the above? It’s ok, let’s continue singing…
When will we ever learn?
When will we eever learn?
But seriously, if it’s none of the above, why don’t we start now? When will we ever learn to save? If it’s just a little, why don’t we add more? If not much or much, Congratulations!!! And keep it up.
If you add up all the money you spent for the following this year, 
Mobile phone load, Starbucks, eat outs, movies, collection of gadgets, shoes, bags, signature clothes, wine, small stuffs like accessories for phone, mirrors, arms, legs, neck, eyes, nose oh I’m exaggerating already, but yes, how much could you have saved? If you add up all the money you spent on these wants, how many shares of companies could you have already owned?  Yes, sometimes we need pleasure. We need them. But let’s not forget the future. Have you ever wondered when will you stop working for money but instead let money work for you?
I you are an OFW and probably earning more than what you used to in the Philippines, grab this opportunity to save more and invest more. If you are in the Philippines, you can still save. Remember, “It’s not about how much we receive but it’s how much we keep.”  Let’s make saving and investing one of our goals this coming 2016 so we will be singing a different version of this song by the end of next year.
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