April 19, 2016

How often do you say or hear the chiche’: “If there’s a will, there’s a way”? Do you really believe in this? Most of the time, what we think is what we get. By making ourselves to believe in something, we are manipulating our brain to influence the way we act and react to a given circumstance.  To make my point clear, I’d like to tell the funny story of how I turned my milk tea into coffee last Sunday.

What you think is what you get

As I was having dinner with friends in this Chinese buffet restaurant, I started drinking “coffee” at about 5:30. I’ve already drunk my 3rd refill when my friend, Jhune asked me to get her another cup of coffee because it wasn’t easy for her to stand and move from the place she was seated. So, as a very good friend, I took her cup and mine then got refills.

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I took the refill from the dispenser where I had been getting mine since 5:30. Proudly, I gave Jhune her cup. Then, as she sipped her “coffee”, she commented: “Ay gatas naman ito darling”. That was 7:00. So, I had to taste my “coffee” to make sure. She might be wrong because this is supposed to be my fourth refill, and I’ve been enjoying it for the past 1 hour and 30 minutes. I was even telling them how falling asleep that night will again be a struggle.

Then, as I sipped the liquid from my cup, I finally realized that what I’ve been drinking since 5:30 was absolutely a milk tea and not “coffee”. But because of my strong belief that my mind made me to believe, my taste bud didn’t react to tell me what a fool I was until my mind doubted itself.

See, the things we think and believe can control our lives. I turned 3 cups of milk tea into “coffee” without any suspicions by strongly believing that they’re  cups of coffee. I even start believing that I won’t be able to sleep that night because of the amount of “coffee” I was drinking.  If Jhune didn’t ask me to get her another refill, I will really have a hard time sleeping believing that I had more than enough caffeine in my system.

What you Feed Your Brain Comes to Life

image source: http://totv.wikia.com/wiki/Mind_Bending

Just like my “coffee” story, if we feed the information to our brain that it’s hard to save money, it will really be very difficult for us to save. If what you tell your brain is investing is impossible because you only earn a little and you have several financial obligations, it will really become impossible to do so because what you feed your brain comes to life.

On the contrary, if you believe that you will improve your financial status in life, this belief will come into reality. If you feed your brain with the information that you will become a millionaire for example, this is what’s going to happen.

How? Remember how powerful the mind is. This power will wake your senses that will eventually let you start acting on your dreams, on your goals until someday, you are no longer living in dreams but in reality. Until someday, your milk tea turns into coffee because that’s what you believe and your belief makes it real.

Start feeding good thoughts to your brain such as: money is not evil, the purpose of money is to love, investing will make you to be truly rich, and that one day you will become a millionaire.

Starve your mind with unhealthy thoughts. Eradicate the negative ones and feed it with a positive mindset. Our mindset affects the way we live. Like our mindset towards money can have a great impact to our financial lives.


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