January 18, 2017

Days can’t go slowly. They really go fast, right?

Can you believe 2 weeks have already passed since 2017 began? In few weeks’ time, we will again be left with 11 months before another year comes.

And just like the previous year and the years that gone by, spending your money is still very quick and the prices of commodities keep soaring high.  And so, just like last year, you will continue to fail in achieving your new year’s goal of financial success.

Yes, you will continue to fail to change your financial situation this 2017 as well.

How do I know that?

Here are some of the reasons.

1.You still haven’t decided on your 1 Big Specific Financial goal this 2017

You may have already listed your 10 pages New Year’s resolution but you still haven’t gotten a clue on how you like your year 2017 be.

The biggest mistake we usually do is list down all the tiny tidbits we want to do for a year in our New Year’s resolution list without looking into that 1 Big Specific Reason why we want to do all these.

Knowing your Specific financial goal will guide your every action to be geared towards the accomplishment of your big specific goal. This will lead you to the understanding of each action you take because it gives you a clear answer to the question ”Why am I doing this?”

2.You still depend on your monthly salary as your only source of income

You are already satisfied and comfortable with your monthly salary thus thinking of other ways to increase your source of income becomes a hassle and discomfort to you. If that’s the case, you are only creating an active income. So, passive income is not on your vocabulary list.

3.You continue to ignore opportunities of learning how to let your money work for you

It is possible that great learning opportunities are already available to you but you seem not to be interested about it maybe because it’s boring, you’re lazy, or you don’t believe it and so you don’t bother to learn more about it.

4.You are procrastinating to start your first step to investing

You may have already read or watch and understood the steps on how to initially start improving your financial life but you keep making excuses not to start.

5. You still keep believing that you are too busy doing your fulltime job

“I am busy at work” is often the excuse you usually give when asked whether you have already read this or that, or whether you have started your saving or investing. But the real thing is, you don’t work 24/7. You still get lunch breaks and some time to get sneaky peeps on “Probinsyano”, right?

And the truth is. you can actually still spend at least 30 minutes of your time each day to read books or do projects that will improve yourself and eventually your finances.

6. You still are not planning to start settling your debts

The good thing is, you recognized you are in debt but the bad side is, you don’t have a solid plan to pay your debts. Maybe because your salary is just enough to finance your monthly needs, or you cannot forgo the lifestyle you used to have, or because the creditor doesn’t bug you everyday on having to pay it.

But one sure thing is happening, the interest of your debts keep ballooning.

But, I don’t want you to fail.

It is my desire that you will succeed on your journey to financial independence starting this year and this will only happen if you start doing the opposite of the top reasons of financial failure listed above.

Time flies quickly and we cannot stop it. We cannot ask the time to wait for us. The only option you have is to start taking actions now.

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