November 28, 2015


stop wasting money

So, Miss One Day Millionaire or I’ll call her Miss ODM grabbed her purse and could not stop pouring her money around in exchange of the goods that she “ON THE SPOT” thought CHEAP and WORTH BUYING. Then, to her surprise her room is full of “STUFF” just lying around. Most of them were just used once or twice since they were bought. Miss ODM enjoys staring at her “STUFFS” until one day an unexpected expense popped out of nowhere but could no longer able to finance it because Miss ODM had already sprinkled all her monthly salary around. So, Miss ODM has to call out to friends to help her out until she was buried in debt. Only then that our Miss ODM started to learn how to segregate a little amount from her monthly salary for emergencies.


Stop wasting your money.  Before buying whatever it is that is on SALE, you should asked yourself whether it is really a necessity or you are just buying it because you think it’s cheap. Do you really need it? Or just the impulse kicking again? Don’t be fooled by the “CHEAP” labels you see at the malls. Think before you spend, it’s worth it. 
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  • how An OFW Learn The Stock Market Even If Am Busyt As A Teacher Overseas
  • the Simple And Easy Ways Of Opening A Trader's Account Even If I Am Based Abroad
  • how The Stock Market Works Even If You Have No Prior Knowledge About It and Even If You Start With A Very Minimal Amount
  • how I Fund My Trader's Account Safely And Conveniently
  • the Beginner-Friendly Guides That I Wrote In This eBook Which I Did When I Was Starting