August 13, 2017

“Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is the Business of the 21st Century”Robert Kiyosaki

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It pains me to know how debt starts taking over your freedom and happiness. That as much as you want to start saving and investing, it is impossible at this time because you are already buried in debt and it seems that you don’t have a way out.

Don’t lose hope because there are ways. You can and will be free.

In this article, it is my deepest desire to share an alternative which might be the answer to your nightmares.

Multi-Level Marketing

Although MLM continues to earn a negative notion because of many unscrupulous and dishonest individuals who take advantage of the weaknesses of their victims’ wish to earn quick money, Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing is still one of the best ways of starting your own business.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad, one of the most influential businessman in the world today recommends network marketing. He said, “The network marketing industry offers many unique benefits to those who want more out of life.”

Bo Sanchez, the owner of the Truly Rich Club and a best selling author of  spiritual, motivational and financial books in the country including “My Maid Invests In The Stock Market” have done Network Marketing and thus he also believes in the power of legit and reputable MLM companies.

What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-level Marketing also known as Network Marketing or Direct Sales is a system for selling goods or services through network of distributors.

The existing distributors are encouraged by companies to recruit additional distributors. In return, the existing distributor or the recruiter will be given a certain percentage from the sales of his recruit or “downline.”

All distributors also make money through direct selling of the company’s products to customers.

An example of a well-known direct-sales companies that use MLM is the Amway, and now JUUVA which focusses on health and wellness.

What To Look Out For

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Get away from Pryramid Schemes that guise as Multi-Level Marketing. You will know it when the company uses the money from new recruits to pay the recruiter or the people at the top. You can easily spot them by their greater focus on recruitment than on selling their products.


  1. The company will provide training that will develop you intellectually, emotionally and socially. These trainings will develop you to grow and bring out your own confidence.
  2. No need to process several documents because these will be provided by the company. What you just need to do is to run your business.
  3. Home-based business
  4. You can start with a small amount of money but can earn more than your capital if you sell more and teach others more.
  5. No strict educational requirements

What To Remember

Choose reputable and legitimate companies only.

One of the reputable companies now is JUUVA which is co-founded by Grant Pace who is dubbed as the “Millionaire Maker”, who launched NU Skin in the Philippines, brought Avon in the Asia-Pacific and launched Sara Lee which is now the second highest earner in Direct Sales Companies in the Philippines.

Do you want to end your financial constraints through direct selling while bringing wellness to your loved ones and friends? 


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