October 15, 2017

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Opportunities are mixed with difficulties

Let me tell you first the story about my lost but found phone

When I lost my phone on Thursday evening, I felt I also lost a big part of me.  In this modern world where a smart phone is almost a part of you, losing it is such a heartbreak. It’s not just the gadget that I lost but also a big part of my life – my contact list, notes, photos, memories and my bank account security.

The fear that what if the person who found it have figured out the password and started withdrawing the money from my account.

But then on the other side of the coin, I started thinking what if the finder is good and he will heed to my request to return my phone.

As I turned on my iCloud from my laptop and hover my mouse to Find IPhone App, the hope and faith that my phone will be returned was high. The phone’s location is static and after leaving a LOST PHONE message, I saw the pin on the map moving until the battery went dead. Although I haven’t found my phone that night, I keep the hope and faith that good people are still around and something good will come out of this situation.

The next morning, I got up with a mixed emotion of a broken but hopeful heart…went to work and still keeping positive thoughts that my phone will be returned.

Right after work, I went to the last location of the phone indicated in the Find IPhone App – the coffee shop. I initiated a Chinese-English conversation asking about my lost phone and according to my understanding, the thing I’m looking for is not there. Customers start to arrive and the conversation stopped.

With the thought that I need a phone and a new number, I then bought myself one because phone for me is a necessity to what I do everyday – (my online business) and also, to have a new contact number to replace the one that they’ve already got in the bank. But…still hopeful that the lost one will be returned.

While at the Apple store, my lost phone was turned on and it still appears that it’s in the same building where I am at. I then followed where the GPS was leading me to – To the coffee shop.

As I am getting nearer, the barista came running towards me waving my lost phone. The joy of having it back, the relief that my personal information is safe and the happiness of buying the phone I’ve been saving for a long time and the assurance of the reality that good people are around is unbelievable.

Now 2 phones are sitting in front me, a proof that…


  1. Opportunity always mixed up with difficulty
  2. It is important to be a good ‘asker’

I asked but it was not enough, I should have asked well.

But on the positive side I’ve just bought a new phone which means my mom will now replace her malfunctioning phone with the extra phone I’ve got.

If you are sitting right now in front of your computer looking at that ONE Company in your stock market portfolio that keeps losing money instead of gaining money, don’t lose hope.

Look at a possibility of an opportunity in that decline, in that difficulty.

But there’s one thing that you should not forget to do, YOU ASK.

Will this give you huge return in the future if you are aware of what to do with it right now?

There are TWO things that happens in the stock market

  1. Things that go up, go down
  2. Things that go down, go up

And when they go up, just like with my lost phone, they do not only come back but they come back with so much more.

But here’s a qualifier:

NOT ALL lost things are returned. The same with the stock market, NOT ALL stocks that go down go up.

That’s why it’s also important here to ask, to be vigilant and find possible detours, to avoid being hurt.

Imagine you are driving a car from Novaliches to Terminal 3 and there is so much traffic from Quirino Avenue to Cubao. Will you afford to miss your flight to Shanghai?

What to do? ASK…ask WAZE or ask experienced drivers around NCR that you know and trust for guidance so you can reach Terminal 3 on time.

Likewise in the stock market, there are experienced and trusted mentors whom you can ASK as for intelligent guidance on what detour to take towards a gaining investment.

One Thing Is Certain

No matter how many times the market rise and fall and no matter how many detours you will take, If you look at the positive side in every difficult situation and you will become a good ‘asker’, you will definitely reach your destination

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