June 4, 2016

I’ve been thinking how to begin my blog today and yet my experience this morning has given me a bright idea how to share with you today my saving and investing experience particularly on how important professional guidance is.

I took the subway from my place at around 9:30 AM, which is a 30 minutes subway ride away from the city center and I planned to sit at the coffee shop to continue doing my newly found hobby which is writing, haha. Unfortunately with too many subjects playing on my mind (yehaa), I got out at the wrong exit. Being here in Nanjing for more than a year with a busy work schedule, I’m not still familiar with the places around. So instead of getting out at exit 5 which is right across from the coffee shop I’m going to, I got out at exit 1 for the first time.

And as they say, there’s always a first time. As I looked around, it is obvious that I couldn’t recognize any of the land marks. I tried to apply my limited Chinese Language skills to read the road signs but it just took me to a farther direction. Then suddenly, I remembered the power of technology. I brought out my phone then turn on my Baidu Map, an equivalent of Google map. I keyed in my destination from my current location, then immediately-boom, my exact location and my destination turned up on the screen. Then, tapped on walk and start.


You might thought I have arrived at my destination with a snap? Oh, no. Even with the GPS guide, it wasn’t easy at all. It actually took me another 30 minutes to arrive at the coffee shop which is actually 6 meters away from exit 1-haha, funny. I actually walked in circles before I got the directions from my App right. Was the Baidu Map wrong? Absolutely not. It was me who was wrong.

Why? Simple: I wasn’t able to read and understand the arrows and directions it tells me. When the GPS says go south, I go north. When it says go north, I go south. Not on purpose though. It’s because I don’t know where my north and south are. (haha) Until finally, the sigh of relief, (hayyy). I’m finally here. Then I realized, Investing is just like that.

If you get into stock investing or any kinds of investments without any guide at all, you will also be lost. You might not even arrived at your destination which is your goal to have returns of your investment. You need to have a GPS to show you the way. It will be hard at the beginning because you need to know where your north and south are, your east and west are, but with consistency, you’ll be able to understand your GPS and appreciate its simplicity.

One of the best GPS in the Philippine Stock Market investing is the Truly Rich Club founded by Bo Sanchez. As a member of the club for 2 years now, I deeply appreciate how it gradually guides my financial and spiritual life. The stocks recommendation I get from the club has gained me favorable results. The Spiritual guidance from Bo Sanchez keeps reminding me of the purpose of becoming a Truly Rich person.

But even though the Truly Rich Club is very useful to me, it might not be for you. Below, I will write my review about the Truly Rich Club and it’s up to you to decide whether this is also for you.

  1. 11 Blessings from the Truly Rich Club

When you visit the website of the Truly Rich Club, You are introduced with 11 blessings that you will get which are:

trc blessings2

Are these blessings really worth it?

Once you join the club for the first time, you will all receive these 11 called blessings from the club. But then after your first time membership and you want to renew, you will only continually receive the ones circled in red because the rest are already availed the first time you joined.

Which ones are actually helpful to your stock market investment?

When I joined the club, I have no idea what the stock market is. Thus the monthly Wealth Strategies newsletters which assure me and pacify me about the investment strategies we are implementing at the Truly Rich Club have been helping me in my financial growth.

The Stock Updates which contain the stocks recommendations have been the best part of this GPS of stock investment. As a busy teacher and developing or growing investor, I need a reliable, trustworthy and professional guidance of what stocks to buy and what to do with them. This is all provided by the TRC’s Stock Updates.

2. Is the Truly Rich club for you?

If you already know what stock market is and you are already confident with its ins and outs, perhaps, joining TRC is not necessary for you.

The TRC is recommended to new investors who have no strong foundation of how the stock market works. Those who are not still familiar with the stock market as a vehicle to wealth and to those who have no time to do personal finance development.
TrulyRichClub.com – Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time?
However, although you already have a strong background of the stock market but still want the spiritual guidance from the club, so that you won’t turn out to be a “filthy rich” but a “truly rich”, then the TRC can absolutely help you with that.

3. Is the membership fee worth it?

Finally, joining the club is not free. In order to avail of all these special treatment from the club, you have to pay a membership fee of less than 500 Pesos a month. However, if you will pay for 1 year membership, you will only be paying less than 5000 Pesos. So the question is, is it worth it to pay for this amount? Will you be able to gain this back from your investments?

NO: For small investors

If you start your investment with 5000 Pesos or 10,000 Pesos, then you never add any amount to it in a year, it is impossible for you to gain your 1 year membership fee of 4771.20 Pesos back. Because this will mean that your initial investment has to earn an interest rate of 100% or 50% which is impossible to happen within a year.

YES: For consistent investors and for those who have large investments

Although you started with 5000 Pesos but you consistently add money every month, you can gain back your membership fee. If you have huge amount of investment, there is no doubt that your membership fee will be regained with, say 12% interest rate a year or even higher.

Let’s have a look at the sample portfolio below.

TRC Blog image

In this portfolio, the stocks highlighted in yellow are the recommended stocks of the Truly Rich Club. As can be seen, they have been performing well as of June 2 as indicated by their green color.

I have renewed my 1 year TRC membership 3 months ago and after 3 months of continuous investing and following the TRC’s recommendations, I have already gotten my membership fee back. May sobra pa.

This was possible by following the TRC’s investing method called the Strategic Averaging Method or SAM which I have shared in my previous blog.

With these, I would like to end this blog with an invitation. Join us at the Truly Rich Club. You can visit the website by clicking either of the links below.

My affiliate link: http://viol82139.trulyrichclub.com

As one of the blessings of the Truly Rich Club to its members, I can also share with the profit through affiliate marketing. If you join the club through my affiliate link, I will earn 20% from your monthly membership fee. I don’t like to trick you into clicking on my link without telling you what I get in return. When you become a member of the club, you will also be given an affiliate link.

Non-affiliate link: www.trulyrichclub.com

You can also directly join the TRC without using my affiliate link. You can click on the non-affiliate link above or type trulyrichclub.com on your browser. The fee will still be the same.

With all these, I would like to end this blog with one of Bo Sanchez’ thoughts:

“The ultimate purpose of wealth is to love. Don’t enrich yourself just for yourself but also for others.”


P.S. 1: Thank you for staying with me in this long blog. The longest blog I have written so far, i think. (wink). Please come back again for more blogs on saving and investing in the Philippine stock market.

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