July 16, 2016

The slogan “CHANGE IS COMING” has been becoming a reality. One of the major historical changes that the world has witnessed is the BREXIT. Few weeks ago, the Great Britain has made its historical exit from the EU. Then few days ago, we hear many Filipinos shouting CHEXIT right before the announcement of the decision regarding the disputed territories in the South China Sea.

People became excited and some even become emotionally involved on social media debates. Yes, change has begun and you should to. With the exiting happening around, my question is how about you? When will you do your dramatic exit? When will you make your final exit from your debts? When will you DEBTXIT?


So, are you planning to debtxit? How will you do that? Below are some helpful suggestions that you and I can do to finally debtxit.


1.Recognize your debts

You have to recognize that you are in debt. Do not spend your money as if they are all yours when in fact you still have many unpaid debts.


2.Be aware of how much debts you have

It is very important that before you start paying off your debts, you must know how much you owe and to whom do you owe them to. Make a list of all your debts.


3.Prepare a DEBTXIT roadmap

You should set goals of which debt to pay first and set a target date of your final exit from this financial burden.

It has been advised to start from your smallest debt to give you a sense of achievement and fulfillment every time you finish paying each of your debts.


4.Include debt payment in your monthly budget

It is difficult to pay debts in full. Therefore, it is a wise idea to set aside a certain percentage from your monthly salary which is strictly allotted to pay off your debt. Set it aside, deposit it in a separate bank account until you will accumulate enough amount of money for debt payment.

Plan your DEBTXIT now otherwise, you will be eaten alive by your debt interests. As what I’ve always hear, “Don’t make the compounded interest your worst enemy.”

Let’s all DEBXIT from our bad debts.


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