March 17, 2018

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Gusto ko pero…kaya lang…eh, kasi…

Have you caught yourself saying the same lines? I would love to … and then followed by a ‘but’… multiple reasons why you cannot?

Gusto kong pumayat, kaya lang masarap kumain eh, nanghihina ako pag di nakakain ng kanin…

Yumaman? pero wala akong pera. 

What about negosyo? Pero busy sa trabaho. 

Gusto kong mag-invest pero ‘di ko alam kung paano, wala akong time pag-aralan, actually ihi na lang ang pahinga ko.

It’s just like one of those Andrew E’s popular rap song in the 90’s “Gusto kong bumait pero di ko magawa”

If you really want to change your situation now and wish to get better, there’s only one way you can do and that is to decide to change. From there, you take one little tiny step one at a time to move forward. And the most important thing that everyone must be changing to attain financial success is a change of our old paradigms.

If you have seen my video on my personal journey on how I become a teacher, I have shared there one of the reasons why many teachers are poor, which is living on the old paradigm.

Reasons Why Many Teachers Are Poor

  1. Long Lists of customs, practices and beliefs
  2. Lures into the traps of LOANS
  3. Financial Stupidity
  4. Not riding on vehicles to wealth

The Paradigms Are Pulling You Down

We are living on the old practices that we have inherited from our older generations. The way of thinking they had about money and our fate as teachers have been carried through generations, and subconsciously, it’s there buried at the back of our brains.

These paradigms are now what shape the way we think about ourselves and about money today.

And because we are subconsciously carrying this mindset, whether you accept it or not, this is reflected in the ways we act around money.

Let’s look at birthdays for instance. On your birthday, you see yourself small if you will not feed your co-teachers or your friends. So, although you don’t have money, you’ll do anything – you’ll borrow money, or ask your canteen manager to put it on the list.

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Why? because you feel as if you are a very bad stingy person if ”hindi ka manlilibre sa birthday mo”. So, what will you do? You spend money that you still don’t have.

Who started all this? We don’t know. It’s just what we do. It’s an old paradigm that we inherited from our ancestors and society. The old paradigm of shame or ‘face value’.

Make the decision to change your future. The only person who can change your financial situation is you.


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