November 4, 2017

One of the reasons why the rich are getting richer is because they love debts. They use debts to get richer. They know how to use debts. -A lesson learned from my afternoon lunch with Robert Kiyosaki

He also said that “Sixty-five percent of all professional athletes are bankrupt years after retirement”

In the Philippines, how many similar stories like these have already been featured on national TV?

Dating sikat na PBA basketball player noon, jeepney driver na ngayon.

Sikat na singer noon, toyo at mantika na lang ang inuulam ngayon.

Principal noon, janitress ngayon.

How about this, maintenance personnel na 10 million lotto winner noon, balik sa pagiging janitor ngayon.

And more real stories… the list can go on and on and on.

OFW, seaman na may masaganang kita noon, puro utang na ngayon.

The worst part is, most of them are already old, weak and sick.

I’m sure too that none of them wish to live the way they live now.

And it saddens me that despite all these realities many of us still disregard financial education.

These can happen to you or me. This is what Jim Rohn called the winters of life. The financial winters of life.

Winter always comes. No one can stop it. It comes after spring, summer and fall. In our financial life, financial winters also come.

In our country which we only have 2 seasons, rainy seasons always come. They come right after summer. Baha dito, baha roon. And during the rainy season crops are destroyed, houses are damaged, roads erode, leptospirosis infection is at high risk, loss of life and more destruction that flood brings start to lurk.

And right now there is a financial winter or say financial flood problems going on among teachers.

The lack of money due to over borrowing.

Thousands of teachers are buried in debts and thousands of soon to be retirees are retiring without getting any amount after their debts will be deducted.

Added with the fear that the expected salary increase won’t come too soon, many teachers are battling with the idea that whether financial education is more important than a salary increase.

But here’s what Mr. Kiyosaki said over lunch yesterday.

“A million-dollar salary athlete without financial education would net approximately 400,000 dollars.”

This is simply put as no matter how high your salary is without the personal money management skills needed, the salary increase won’t be the answer to your financial problem. This can be further explained by the thought that if you cannot handle small blessings in life, how you will be able to handle a big one.

Don’t pursue money because money is not something we pursue but rather it’s something we attract. Money looks for somewhere to stay and they only stay to those who know how to take good care of them.

You can start learning how to attract money to stay with you by starting to build a strong financial house.

How To Start Fixing Your Financial House

1.Look for additional source of income

If you are only depending on your monthly salary which can now barely afford your family’s monthly needs because of your debts, you strongly need an additional source of income.

In my previous blog, I have written about the possible ways you can do to passively earn additional cash. If you haven’t read it yet, click on the link below to check it out.

>>How Can Teacher Keep Receiving Cash While Paying Their LOANS<<

2.Pay Off Your BAD Debts

BAD Debts make you a modern day slave. You become slave of whoever you owe that money to. Once you found an additional source of income that suits your passion and skills, don’t increase your expenses. Rather, increase your frequency of paying your debts.

In my Money Booster ebook, I have discussed there how to pay your debt aggressively. If you want to know how to quickly settle your debts, fill in the form below to download your copy for free.

3.Build Your Emergency fund

Emergency fund is only to be spent during emergencies. It is also important that you and your family should also have a clear understanding of what emergency is.

Example: For me birthday parties or a trip to Boracay is not an emergency

When my niece asked me to lend her money because she urgently needs to go back home to the province, my first question to her was, don’t you have an emergency fund?

Emergency fund lessens the risk of you going back to your old ways of borrowing money.

4.Get Insured

I am aware that many of us still have a negative notion about getting an insurance but the truth is insurance will be your life saver and your loved ones life line, too.

There are many kinds of insurances that you can choose from that suit your needs.

It is very sad to see teachers getting sick spending all their retirement and borrowed money for their hospitalization and medication. If they only have a good Health insurance coverage, the cost may be lessened.

Also in an untimely death, many families are left with a huge financial burden that instead of grieving properly, they can’t because they are both emotionally and financially worried.

Surely, insurance premiums are a bit costly but it will be your weapon to protect yourself, your loved ones and your finances when winter or flood comes.

5.Invest Your Money

Once you have an additional source of income that will help you in paying off your debts and get yourself a protection, you should be thinking about investing your money to make it grow.

Surely, you will be receiving SSS or GSIS pension but as inflation increases, I’m certain that your retirement pension won’t be enough to cover all your daily living and medical expenses.

By following Bo Sanchez’ advice to regularly invest little amount of money over time, you have the advantage of compounded interest on your side. – Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time? Click Here

There are UITF, Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Real Estate investment that you can choose from.

Get away from quick money making scheme. You should know what investment are you getting into, how your money works for you, and how to withdraw your investment.

One of the legit investments I teach to my fellow teachers is investing in the stock market.

If you want to learn how this works, Click on the photo below to watch the video training I prepared for free.

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Changing your financial life does not depend on others. If no salary increase will be given too soon, please don’t blame the government or the DepEd Secretary for not having enough money to buy the food to be served on the table for dinner.

When trying to blame others for your financial situation, don’t forget to include yourself on that list which should actually be the only name to be written.

The fact is, like winters or flood we will always be dealing with changing government policies. What is important is NOT what happened, but what YOU DID. We all go through to what has happened, the difference lies with what each of us has done when things happened.

Learn How To Prosper In Your Financial Life. You can start your journey with this little book.

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Let me end this article with this quote: “If you want things to get better, you have to get better.” -Jim Rohn


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