July 3, 2017

“Attending the Truly Rich Club Quick Start Implementation Seminar makes me feel normal”

After more than 3 years as a member of the TRC, July 2nd 2017 is my first time to attend a TRC seminar in person.

And being with like-minded people like Joey Tayaban and her family, Ms Sha Nacino and other TRC members in person (not virtually anymore) affirms that I’m not weird.

There really are more people who are similar with me, talking about the stock market, teaching how stock market works, teaching how to invest in the stock market and most of all wanting to be wealthy in all areas of our lives through the help of the Truly Rich Club.

But wait…

Let me tell you first a short conversation I had with the very kind UBER driver, who drove my 13 year-old niece and I to PICC, while we were on our way.

Driver: Bakit anu po ba meron ngayon sa PICC?
Me: Attend po kami sa seminar sa stock market ng Truly Rich Club ni Bo Sanchez, sir.
Driver: Ohh…mga anak ko rin mam nag-iinvest sa stock market. Naku mam, parang sugal din po yan. Kailangan marunong ka
Me: Ganun nga rin po and sinasabi ng iba dahil sa risks sa pag-invest in stocks, kaya lng po if guided ka naman sir, hindi naman cguro sya maikukumpara sa sugal.
Driver: (Smiled and agreed with hesitation with me…) Pwede rin po ba akong umattend sa seminar na ‘yan?
Me: pwedeng-pwede po sir. (I gave him the dates when he can attend and instructions how to avail a seat)

Why am I telling you this first…

Because I want to share what I’ve learned from the TRC that the stock market is one of the best investments vehicle you can have. Although returns are not guaranteed because of its volatility, there are ways to minimize the risks that come with it.

We just need to know the how or be guided accordingly.

And that is why attending seminars like this, The Quick Start Implementation Seminar is valuable.

Inspirational Story of Success

In this seminar, the successful agribusiness story from the Anpilo farm owners Sir Elmer and Ma’am Elen, both full-time employees and Platinum TRC members, are another living proof that passion, discipline, hard work and guidance from others lead to success.

Their story on how they…

  • have acquired their farm as an act of kindness,
  • to their discovery of the healthy benefits of dragon fruits until they have started to plant them,
  • to pruning and maintaining the plants,
  • then finally to harvesting of dragon fruits after few years,
  • expanded it by adding chili peppers

is a real demonstration that if you start planting and take good care of your plants, a good harvest will be waiting for you at the end.

Similarly in the stock market, when you start investing now (planting/sowing seeds), you will have the possibility to gain in return in the future (harvesting good fruits).

Sir Elmer and Ma’am Edna teach us to…

  • Think big and start small
  • Use the experience of others to learn (Don’t re-invent the wheel)
  • Be grateful (Share)

What’s your take away

Miss Sha Nacino asks…What’s your take away?

She is referring to things (single thing) that you can tell others from what you’ve heard, seen and experienced from the event.

The following are the things I can tell from my heart without referring to my notes from the seminar

1. TRC creates a community with members who help each other grow and become rich instead of competing with each other.

2. Invest in stocks directly if you know how to do it yourself to save on the management fees and monthly fees when investing in other paper assets like the Mutual Fund, UITF or VUL

3. Every investment you make should have a clear purpose

4. Invest in stocks simply, there’s no need to make it too complicated. Be guided by reliable mentors.

5. Do not burden your loved ones with financial difficulties when you’ll be gone. Get an insurance.

6. Do not wait to become rich before you help others

7. Take advantage of the TRC retirement calculator

I also asked Yvonne, my 13 year old niece who was with me what her take away were. And here they are…

1. Kailangan ko ring mag-ipon at mag-invest. Dapat hindi gasta ng gasta.
2. Kahit pala bata, pwedeng mag-invest sa stocks. Kaya ko rin.

My gratitude goes to Ma’am Joey and Sir Jesse for letting their children actively engaged with us in the seminar because they have inspired Yvonne to start changing her views about money and future

Stock Market Investing Tips from the Seminar
1. Check your SAM table when you are ready to buy stocks.
2. Stock prices move every 15 seconds, so be quick. Otherwise, choose the 3rd higher price. Your stock broker (COL) will still execute your order at the lowest price.
3. If you are investing in Bond funds, growth funds, etc. in your Mutual Funds/VUL/UITF, transfer it to Equity fund so that your money is still invested in stocks (indirectly).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all companies give dividends?
No, but blue chip companies usually do.

2. How to open a COL account if you are an OFW?
You have to submit the same requirements as those who are currently in the Philippines. You need to download the COL form abroad, fill it in and affix your original signature and send them to COL office.

3. How much is the monthly minimum fund to my broker account?
None. Kahit 100 pwede, but it is suggested that if you are able to save small amount every month, save it first until you have more before you transfer or deposit it to your broker account to save up on transaction fees.

4. Who can invest in the Philippine stock market?
Everyone can invest here. Filipinos or foreigners, resident or non-resident

5. How to pay for TRC membership?
There is a monthly payment, but this is only for credit card users.
There is 6 months with 10%
There is 12 months with 20% discount. 

You may pay through credit card or bank deposit.

What Others Learned About The stock Market In This Seminar
1. Open a COL account
2. Fund account
3. Buy stocks
4. Sell stocks
5. Withdraw funds

Let me end this article with Joey’s final message at the seminar which is…

    • Sign up for TRC
    • Open a COL account
    • Fund your COL account
    • Do your first trade
    • Invest in financial education

The next Quick Start Implementation Seminar is on July 16, 2017. You may click on the image below to save your seat.

Bro. Bo Sanchez will also conduct a Stock Market Seminar on July 29th, 2017. Click on the image for more details.

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