January 12, 2020

Let’s replace your New Year’s Resolution with this.

Holiday Season Hangover is over, so let me share with you a strategy that helped me achieved my dreams that may help you reach your dreams as well.

This is not originally mine. I got this from one of my favorite motivational speakers, Jim Rohn.

This is very simple.

However, due to our busy daily schedule at home and work, most of the time, we don’t seem to care.

Are You Ready?


I call it Going Backwards

What do I mean by that?




See the picture and start from the back steps where people who have dreamed the same dream ahead of you began their first step.


Isn’t it that every New Year we have this habit of making a long list of our new year’s resolution hoping for a transformed future?


Honestly, for many years that I have been listing resolutions at the beginning of each new year, almost none of those things in my list come to life because there are so many.


It is overwhelming that it is impossible to make them come true.


But things changed when I started Going Backwards.


Here is how I simply do it


From my BIG dream, I narrow it down to smaller tasks that are doable in a short time.


  • First, be clear of that BIG thing that you want to achieve this year
  • Second, have a monthly goal to achieve that will help you reach your BIG thing this year.
  • Third, have weekly activities that will help you achieve your monthly goals.
  • Fourth, set simple daily tasks to help you achieve your weekly goals.


I told you it’s effortless.

All you need to do is divide the long term goals into smaller doable short term goals.


My Big Dreams Last Year

I dreamed of publishing a book so that I can inspire others through my stories, also to personally meet my influencers and make friends with and learn from  them face to face


But the challenge then was a BIG HOW


You have to understand that I am not a writer, and I am not famous for being able to be rubbing elbows with influencers and make friends with them.


I am just this very ordinary teacher and OFW.


So many buts…

At a glance, my dreams may seem so BIG and impossible, but believe it or not,  in Feb of 2019, I had lunch with Sha Nacino, the best selling author and a  global speaker at the Saisaki Buffet Restaurant in Megamall.


In June of 2019, I finally finished, launched, and published my first official Paperback book My Buckets That Boost My Bucks, where I shared my personal journey and stories on how I was able to create more sources of passive income even if I was busy teaching.


In July of 2019, I took a selfie with Jon Orana, a Digital Business coach. In the same month, I was invited to give a stock market seminar in Cebu together with my fellow infopreneurs Maira Georgette Elnar and Cynthia Fuller, and made friends with like-minded people.


In August 2019, I participated in the by being one of the OFWs interviewed by Sha Nacino.


In November 2019 I spoke in front of 800 people for the Global Authors Summit (unfortunately  I had to give my speech thru a video because my visa was still on the process that time)


I only asked for a Book and Influencers, But I have received so many more bonuses. All these things happened because I Stepped Backwards from my Big Dreams retracing the footprints towards it.

What I have learned from Going Backwards are:

  • it is easy to build and accumulate a habit by merely doing small tasks everyday repeatedly and gradually adding more tasks as time goes by
  • it is the little accumulated habits that lead you towards your bigger dreams, and that’s why
  • Big Dreams Do NOT happen overnight, and
  • I realized that if you want to receive more, you first need to become more.

Here is the simple question that I answer each time I wake up

“What will you do today to change your future.”


So as you think of your dreams and goals this year, begin today to take those significant first steps to make them all come to life.


You may start your better tomorrow by Reading This.


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