February 12, 2017

Thinking of a gift to buy for someone special on Valentine’s Day can sometimes become a torture.

But…what is Valentine’s Day anyway?

The Origin of Valentine’s Day has so many versions. Some says it originated from a Pagan Festival, Lupercalia where according to a legend, young women put their names in an urn which bachelors pick a name and be paired with this woman for the year which usually ended in marriage.

Others believe that it comes from the story of St. Valentine, a priest who secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young lovers against the command of Emperor Claudius II.

Whichever version you believe in, it only boils down to one thing, that Valentine’s Day is a day of love. It even become the second most-popular card sending holiday after Christmas.

And because it’s a day of love, it is just but right to give this day justice by spreading love. But in what way? Flowers? Chocolates? Expensive romantic dinner? BIG NO for me. Here’s why.

1.Flowers for Valentine’s Day are expensive and yet they wilt and only last for a day or two. After that, most bouquets given on Valentine’s Day just actually ended in the trash bins.

2.Chocolates are also costly and yet they contain too much calories. It carries a soaring amount of sugar, which can cause weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, cavities and more.

3.Expensive dinner is not a guarantee that your date will be romantic. Yes, we strive to build special memories with our loved ones but these special moments don’t need to be expensive.

What’s my point?

I’m not suggesting you to be stingy, makunat or madamot on Valentine’s Day. My point is, spread the love by sending gifts that will not only last for a day or two, or will cause lifetime diseases but share a gift that will eventually change their lives to better ones. And believe it or not, they’ll thank you later for buying them or giving them this.

What gifts?

1.Books or eBooks

If you want your loved ones to be successful in whatever goals they want to achieve, you should help them begin in themselves. Our thoughts are powerful. That’s why help the people you love to strengthen their mind and change unnecessary mindset into positive ones. Tell someone you love him/her through books based on his/her needs. There are motivational books, self-help books, financial books and more.

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2.Tickets to seminars or webinars

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Your lover, friend, son, daughter, brother, sister or any one you love might be struggling in achieving success. You know they need someone to help them but you are also aware that you are not that right person to guide them. So, buy them a ticket to a seminar where they can learn more and seek answers to their questions.

3.Membership to a club

It may be a health club, a financial mentorship clubor a leadership club, a Speakers’ Club. Spread the love by helping your beloved achieve their goals by buying them a membership to a club they’ve been wanting to have to further boost their success.
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4.Wellness Program

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Another long-term expression of love is a gift of a wellness program. I personally pray that my loved ones will be healthy and away from risks. You can help them regain their good health by providing them a ticket to start living healthily through the help of a wellness coach.

5.An initial stock market investment of 5000 Pesos

One of your loved ones might have been wanting to start to invest but he is still saving for his initial minimum investment. You may add up some amount to his money so he can now start. Rather than spending it to an expensive dinner or flowers or chocolates, your money will help one of your loved ones build his/her future through investing.

6.Invitation to free eBook downloads and free subscription sites that you know can help them find answers to what they’ve been looking for. You aren’t even spending a dime on this. You can save up your money to buy some of the suggested gifts mentioned above.

The bottom line is, I believe that the best gift we can ever give to someone special is a solution to his/her struggle. It’s time you change your short term expression of love to a healthy and long term one.



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