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5 Steps to Escape From Poverty For Employees

By Violeta Depalog / December 15, 2015

I hope people are also passionate to discuss about saving money As when they argue about Roxas, Binay, Santiago or Duterte.   I wish people are also interested to know more about growing money Like when they wait for the next episode of Aldub’s kalyeserye.   Filipinos are tired of poverty But most don’t act […]


OMG Where Have All My Money Gone

By Violeta Depalog / December 10, 2015

While I was dressing up for work today, I was listening to music on YouTube then, this song was played.   Where have all the flowers gone? Long time lasting… Where have all the young girls gone? Gone to young men everyone… Then I found myself smiling at the mirror singing the song with different […]


Stop Wasting Your Money

By Violeta Depalog / November 28, 2015

SALE BUY 1 TAKE 1 PROMO OFFER ?% DISCOUNT So, Miss One Day Millionaire or I’ll call her Miss ODM grabbed her purse and could not stop pouring her money around in exchange of the goods that she “ON THE SPOT” thought CHEAP and WORTH BUYING. Then, to her surprise her room is full of […]


Shopping List is Good For Me

By Violeta Depalog / April 6, 2015

Friend, are you the kind of person who always rush to the supermarket because you need something today that you should have bought the last time (I mean yesterday:-)) you went to the store? Do you pay for things that you don’t plan to buy that the only money left in your pocket is just […]

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