October 2, 2016

“Life is a consequence of our moral choices.” – Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

Quotes are powerful. They are just so powerful that they often touch our core. We love to save and share the hugot lines we see on our Facebook newsfeed especially those that are creatively and wittily crafted na tagos hanggang buto ang dating.

So, as I began this blog with a quote, please allow me to give another powerful quote I once read, “You are where you are because you put yourself there.”

Reflecting on these 2 quotes gives me the answer back to these questions I’ve been asking myself. Why am I poor? Why are most people poor? Why can’t they get into the world of wealth?

But what are those choices that resulted to us being poor? What have we possibly done that put us in this uncomfortable life we are right now?

Looking back, I’ve recognized 2 giants that guard the gate to the kingdom of wealth. They look very much alike and they have admirable teamwork. They are known as B1 and B2, short for Big Time Spending and Big Time Borrowing.

How do these 2 giants prevent us from passing through the gate of wealth?

Let’s first look at how BIG TIME SPENDING or B1 works. B1 has special powers of luring everyone who desires to go through the gate. He turns himself to different stunning stuffs depending on what appeals to your liking that makes it very easy for you to over spend just to have them all. Then your big time spending turns you penniless and can no longer afford to pay a ticket to wealth.shopping

Then, after B1 is done with you, BIG TIME BORROWING or B2 comes into action. Just like B1, B2 is also good at playing tricks on every person who wants to pass through the gate of wealth.

Since you no longer have money, B2 appears overly dress in glittery and crispy bills. She tricks you by offering you a chance to buy your ticket to wealth by lending some of her irresistible Peso bill accessories . But once you start picking, she also begins playing her special power that makes it unstoppable for you to pick more until you pick them all-big time.debt

But the moment you turn around to pay your ticket to wealth, B1 again disguises himself into another mouthwatering stuff that you cannot resist-shoes, gadgets, parties maybe. And just as expected, you will again be lured to bigtimely give him all the money you got from B2. And the cycle continues, B2 appears, then B1 comes, then B2. They won’t stop casting spells on you unless you have the antidote to shield yourself.

Here’s the worst thing B1 and B2 can do to you if you never come to your senses. They give you the illusion of being rich though you are still stuck at the gate.

Until we cannot find the powerful antidote to protect us from the powerful spells of B1 and B2, we will never make it to the kingdom of wealth.

What could that antidote be? How can we defeat these 2 giants that keep pushing us away from entering the gate of wealth?

We love to hear your ideas below. 

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