October 28, 2017

“Are you going to suffer the pain now and look for solutions or continue the same practice until your loans will accumulate?” –DepEp Secretary Briones

The Problem among many teachers is instead of coming up with reasons why they can, they come up with more reasons why they cannot.

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Towards the end of this article, you will find some ways to earn extra income.

Let me first expand the question

Will you prefer to suffer the consequences of your actions now and be willing to be aware of the alternatives to solve it, or delay the pain and suffer it later when you are already weak, sickly and unable to work to earn for your daily living needs and become a burden to your children?

Many teachers who are buried in debts were on the buzz upon hearing the announcement of Secretary Briones regarding the loan payment deductions from their monthly salaries. And while watching and reading their comments, I keep shaking my head. Shaking my head of disbelief, of disappointment, of pity.

Let’s just run some of the facts given this week

1.Teachers owe public and private lending institutions around 300 Billion Pesos

a.170 Billion Pesos to Private Lending Institutions

b.Around 120 Billion Pesos to GSIS

c.The DEBT is getting bigger and bigger

2.Families that have teachers have 50% higher propensity to borrow compared to other families

3.There are about 23,000 teachers that are about to retire and will not get any amount after because their GSIS loans are not being deducted.

4.Most of the teachers will only receive around P600 while some, a little over P300 following the DepEd order of Loan Deduction

Public School Teachers Are Now Being Paid More But Why…

When I started teaching in a private school 15 years ago, I only used to receive a meager amount of a little more than 6000 Pesos a month. My public school teacher counterpart was receiving double that amount up to 15,000 Pesos. Teachers 15 years ago were considered to be one of the underpaid employees in the country.

But now, the story isn’t the same anymore, we both know that.

Since isavenvestify started, I’ve received letters from teachers like us showing me their monthly pays. Some should have a take home pay of over 20,000 Pesos a month, some even higher – more or less than 30,000 Pesos a month. But the painful reality is when I look at the bottom of the list, there’s only 4000 pesos left.

And that’s NOT the end of the story.

Because the ATM is pawned, many don’t go home with 4000 Pesos. Many go home with a little less than that amount and the saddest part is, they go home with an additional burden of a new debt for the family’s needs in the next 30 days.

I Understand the Sentiments of Our Fellow Teachers

Many are angry and disappointed at the DepEd secretary, calling her anti-poor.

Someone even said that it is more important to look at the “present” than the future – papaano na lang daw ang kanilang pag-araw-araw na pangangailangan. Where will they get the money na pantus-tos. Others say what if “hindi na nila maaabot and kanilang retirement.”

These are sad and depressing scenarios.

I Understand But…

you have to accept the reality that if your debts remain unpaid until the day you retire, you yourself will be the one to suffer. The worst part is your entire family will, too. Like what Jim Rohn said, “Everything affects everything”.

I personally applaud the DepEd secretary for thinking about the future of the teachers.

Bo Sanchez once shared that according to Einstein, the most magical words in the world are “compounded interest” and if you are a Math teacher, you understand this very well. That’s why if you don’t pay now, your debts will double, triple, quadruple until nothing is left for you.

What if you will die before you retire? Then you are lucky. You won’t suffer the negative consequences of your actions, but what about those you are going to leave behind?

The most important question is what IF NOT?

What if you will NOT die soon.

What if you will live until you’re 80 or more? According to Bo Sanchez, studies show that 80 now is the new 60.

So, when you reach 65 and is forced to retire, where will you get the money to buy food and medicine everyday for the next 15 years or  more?

Will you be dependent on your children who are also working hard to provide for their growing family?

The Problem among many teachers is instead of coming up with reasons why they can, they come up with more reasons why they cannot.

You Can Stop Borrowing.

You Can Survive While Paying Your Loans.

You Can Survive with 4000 Pesos or less take home pay.

You just have to come up with good reasons why YOU CAN.

Here’s How. One PLAIN, SIMPLE Solution >>Increase The Source of Your Income Coupled With Knowing Your Priorities

In the last 3 long months I did not receive any salary as in ZERO. But Money did not stop coming. I was still able to fulfill my financial obligations to my family and to myself.

The reason? I have other sources of income.

How Can You Also Possibly Survive Your Financial Winter

1.Be an Affiliate

You can earn extra money by selling other people’s product.

Some are paid affiliate membership and some are free.

Many paid affiliate membership provide you with a system and give you tutorial lessons on how you can promote their products to help you get enormous sales.

More people you help translates to more sales. More sales = more commission. More commission = more money for you and your family’s needs.

Here are some examples of entrepreneurs that offer affiliate programs.

The Truly Rich Club of Bro. Bo Sanchez does not only provide spiritual and financial guidance but it also offers an affiliate program where you can have a chance to be an online entrepreneur. There are videos available inside the club to teach you how to be an affiliate marketer. You will be provided with sample emails and FB messages that you can use to promote the services of the Truly Rich Club.

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The Ascending Profit System of Eduard Reformina provides an affiliate program where they let you use their system to reach potential customers. They will give you a step-by-step lesson and one-on-one coaching on how you can market and sell their digital products online where you can have a chance to earn from 1000 Pesos up to 11,00 Pesos on each sale.

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The Kerygma of Bro. Bo Sanchez also offers a FREE affiliate program. You just apply online and start promoting Kerygma books on social media or to your friends. When someone buy a book through your affiliate link, you will immediately earn 15% commission from each book sale.

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And there are more free affiliate programs online.

One desirable benefit of being an affiliate marketer is if you do this right, you can earn passive income while you are busy doing your teaching and household duties.

2.Be a Virtual Professional

You can go to www.upwork.com and find a freelance job that you can do there. You just have to create a free account, then you can start looking for a task that you are good at.

I once worked with a real state agency based in the US which was listed on Upwork. I used to transcribe short video clips to PowerPoint Presentations. For this I experienced earning additional 5000 Pesos monthly. You can earn more depending on what and how much job you will do.

This book authored by Mr. Jomar Hilario whom I personally met at the TRC Wealth Circle Summit is helping so many Filipinos to become successful Virtual Professionals. I suggest you should read it before becoming one so that you will be aware of things to do to be well respected and well sought virtual professional in the internet world. You can get a copy by clicking on the book cover below.

3.Write and sell digital products like e-books and e-courses

As a teacher, you have your own expertise that you can absolutely share. This internet business though, needs you to study the proper marketing and selling process that it involved so that you will reach the right people for your ebook.

4.Buy and Sell Goods

I personally know some teachers who sell goods online through Facebook. They sell anything from apple cider vinegar, to shoes, to clothes to anything, except of course illegal drugs.

And I admire them.

5.Sell health and wellness products

There are so many wellness products that you can sell that are also helpful to your clients. I personally know people earning extra income by selling Usana products, Herbalife Products, and I have friends who are helping many people by selling JUUVA products.

6.Offer after school or weekend tutorials

This is one of the most popular extra work among teachers. If there are few students around you to tutor, go online. Apply as online tutors. You just have to ask Google about online teaching opportunities.

So, stop those ridiculous excuses

Gone are the days that our abilities to earn money is limited. With the internet and technology that we have, we are surrounded with so many opportunities.

Stop Saying

“We don’t have other sources of income”

“I don’t have time to earn extra money”

“I don’t have time and money to learn financial literacy”

Who has extra time? We all have 24 hours, 7 days a week no matter how poor or rich you are. We all have the same amount of time. It’s a matter of understanding and using time and the willingness to learn.

It’s TIME for TEACHERS to say enough of these debts, enough of this self-pity because we can RISE.

Pay your debts and create additional source of income.

Let me end this article with this. Jim Rohn Said, “If you collect all the money in the world, shortly enough it will all go back to the same pockets.” Information is POWER so make sure to be aware.


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