February 19, 2017

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I was shocked when I read today that the poverty line right now is 35,000 Pesos. Therefore, if your monthly income is less than 35,000 Pesos technically, you are poor. Although in 2015 the Philippine Statistics Authority announced that the national poverty line stood at 10,969 Pesos per month. Meaning a family of five needed to earn that much a month to be able to cover the BASIC food and non-food needs.

So, if you fall below the poverty line what should you do?
a. Will you just accept this fact and remain poor?
b. Blame whoever set that standard or your company or the government for not giving you enough?
c. Will you hold responsibility of your financial situation and beat that poverty line to be able to provide your loved ones and yourself the comfortable life that you deserve?

If your answer is C, here are the basic steps you can take to uproot yourself from where you are and move beyond that dreadful line.

1. Avoid Bad Debts
Free yourself from bad debts and avoid spending money that you do not have. If you can live without owning that stuff you awfully badly want to have, walk right away from it before even thinking of spending money that you still haven’t earned.

Walk away, delay your gratification and think of good ways to do to afford it the future without resorting to debts.

2. Prepare A Budget and Stick To It
Aim to prepare a monthly a budget and prioritize your needs. And the most important thing is, you have to STICK to it.

There will be temptations as you walk around the mall or walk along the aisle of your favorite department store and see those discount signs, but if it’s not within your budget or shopping list, look the other way.

Be firm to yourself if you really want to go beyond the poverty line and live a more comfortable and secured life with your loved ones

3. Increase Your Income
Don’t be satisfied with what you’re earning from your full time job. Don’t get lazy, you have the skills and potentials to earn more.

Provide paid tutorials after school, just make sure that you are doing it ethically.

If you prefer to earn online, there are also great opportunities that you can choose from. You can even create and sell digital products online like e-books, lesson plans, e-course and more.

You can download the free eBook below to learn more how to boost your income while doing your day job.

4. Resurrect your pay slip
Don’t let your pay slip fade away forever. Give it a chance to re-live itself by separating small amount every payday and save it, then invest it.

You can invest while teaching or doing your full-time job. By investing in the stock market, for example, you are letting your money multiply on its own while you are concentrating on your lesson plans, corrections, and other work that your full time job requires from you.

One more thing to note is the earlier you practice these, the better. The younger you are, the more opportunities you have to be rich. But if you are no longer in your twenties, don’t be disappointed, it’s never too late to start.

To learn how to resurrect your pay slip through investing in the stock market, you can also download  this eBook.

Poverty is not the problem, it’s our attitude towards it. If you are a good person, all the more that you should strive to be rich because you know deep inside you that you are not doing this just for for yourself but you’re doing it for others, too.


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  • Wow! but with the rising prices of basic commodities these days, that doesn’t come as a surprise. Great article to rise above the line. Simple and doable. thumbs up!

    • Thanks. I really strongly believe that it’s time for us to rise and beat poverty and this always starts with a clear goal and the strong determination to get there.

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