January 8, 2017

Whether we you admit it or not, no matter how clear the sky is people still carry umbrellas around because with the unpredictable weather condition we have now, rain just starts falling when it wants to, anytime. And if it won’t rain, we still need them to protect our skin from the direct rays of the sun on a hot sunny day due to the continued depletion of the ozone layer. No wonder why umbrellas have undergone countless of upgrades since they have been discovered more than 4000 years ago.

If you actually look around you where you are at now, the protective devices that are available for humans’ use are too obvious. This only shows how prone we are to risks and dangers. Therefore, our human instincts dictate us to shield ourselves.

The sad part though is that many still haven’t guarded themselves from these risks and dangers that can possibly harm any of us. Although we are aware how important it is to protect ourselves and our loved ones from possible harm especially on the financial aspects when least expected, many are still reluctant to do so. There may be some legit reasons to this, but like a knight or a warrior, a shield is so important to boost his probability of survival in the battle field.

I’ve been battling for a while whether to publish this blog because as I’ve said, it’s a human instinct that tells us that we need to protect ourselves from unexpected risks. However, recent tragic incidents here in China to some Filipinos working here have prompted me to let this blog entry out. We lost few of our kababayans here while working miles away from their loved ones. Some got seriously sick. These stories sadden me with deep sympathy for them and their families.

This awakens me to the reality that no one is immune to such tragedies. This can happen to any of us. The only question is when or where.

The saddest and worst part is most of these unfortunate kababayans aren’t financially protected. They have no insurance nor emergency funds to cover their hospitalization, repatriation or worst repatriation of remains. Thus their situation drains the family of financial support not to mention the emotional dilemma that each member of the family is going through.

And so even if they don’t like it, they have no choice but to depend on the mercy and kindness of our fellow Filipinos and few locals with the aid coming from the Philippine government.

In this blog it is my aim to remind you to get protected. Whether you’re single, married, employee, OFW or not, you need to be insured.

The problem is, as Filipinos, many of us are allergic to insurance. We have negative notions about this topic. Sometimes it’s our lack of understanding, foresight, long term plans and also even our religious beliefs that hinder us to be insured. It’s time we have to gradually change our mindset regarding this subject because as long as we haven’t yet reached financial independence, whether we like it or not, we need insurance.

There are different kinds of insurance products. You can look around and ask which one suits you and your family’s needs.

For starters, look for an insurance that covers:
1. Major Conditions for example heart attack, stroke, cancer not to exclude major surgeries and some minor conditions as well
2. Treatments
3. Assistance for travel arrangements, transfer to and from the hospital -recommended for OFWs
4. Airfare of a family member to visit you when you seriously got ill abroad – recommended for OFWs
5. Repatriation (of remains) – recommended for OFWs
6. Lump sum amount to be received by your family when the Lord calls you first ahead of them

Getting protected from financial burden when least expected is also protecting your income and your investment. There are many legitimate insurance companies that you can choose from. They have different products and one of those will cover your needs.

We hope and pray that we won’t be using them in the future but while we are building our wealth and for the sake of our loved ones, we have to be insured.
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