August 8, 2016

Are you tired saving?

Are you tired investing?

Let me tell you this, you feel tired of saving and investing because you feel you are depriving yourself to have fun, to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Many hate to save and invest because they think that when you save, you have to give up the fun. When you start investing, you have to stop enjoying moments with your love ones. But then, like one of my former students and a friend said, “Why drop the other if we can have them both?”

Just a few days ago, I brought my mom to Boracay. Although this was my second visit to the island, this time, it was more fun because I had 5 straight days with the woman who raised me to what I am today. It was very memorable because it was my mom’s first airplane ride


and also at the age of 74, she managed to be on a Banana Boat Ride.


This trip couldn’t have happened if I also believed that saving and investing is a great deprivation.


In this blog, I’m going to share 4 ways on how to save and invest money with pleasure.


1. Categorize your goals

We all have dreams and we feel happy when we achieve these dreams in life. We call them life goals. We have many goals. Some are short term goals, others are long term.

My trip with my mom was one of my short term goals. Buying a car is a short term goal. Buying or construction a house is also a short term goal.

On the other hand, building a retirement fund is a long term goal.


2. Include recreation in your goals


This might be a trip, a movie, a dinner or a gathering with friends or family.

There should be a balance in everything we do.

As we work hard to better our financial situation, we must see to it that we will not disregard the other aspects of our lives including building relationships with our love ones and spending a quality time with them.


3. Decide a time frame

We want to achieve our dreams as soon as possible but it is impossible to have them all at the same time.

Write a plan in which you indicate your target time to turn your dreams into reality one after the other.

Boracay was abruptly planned this month, but prior to that I already allotted an amount for a trip with my mom during my vacation. It was not just decided where until my friend and I decided to bring our mothers to Boracay.


4. Regularly separate an amount for each of your goals

As you separate money for your savings, investments and spending on needs, don’t forget to segregate a small amount for your recreation.

By doing this, you won’t feel stressed that you won’t have any money left for other expenses. Or you won’t feel guilty by spending money which is supposed to be used for other necessary stuff.

Through these ways, you will feel the fun and thrill of saving and investing because it gives you financial freedom and independence. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy life while you keep and grow the other portion of your income for future use.


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