October 30, 2016

One of the biggest block that many wannabe investors stumble upon is the absence of savings. Many times when I share about investing, many are interested and eager to start. However, after several minutes, they’ll realize that they have no savings to start with. Then, they procrastinate to invest until they won’t invest at all.

This situation was our topic with one of my Chinese friends when I visited her this weekend. As we talked and compared our saving strategies, my friend caught me when she said, if I really want to get rich, I should not be buying stuff on installment basis. Bammm, she has a point… (just silently told myself).  This is one of the important things I’ve learned from he over a cup of coffee. Finally, I asked whether I can share our conversation here at isavenvestify which she generously accepted.

Please watch the rest of our conversation below.

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