September 17, 2017

Sabi ni Jim Rohn “The Major Key of your better future is you”

I have read that up to 82% of people want to start their own business but only a trickle of these people are able to finally start and still a tinkle trickle succeed.

I have never met someone in my life who said he or she doesn’t want a comfortable life. Syempre gusto natin magkaroon ng magandang buhay.
Pero kakaiba itong pamangkin ko…

At the age of 9 he said, he doesn’t want to dream because dreams make people’s life miserable. (May point naman di ba?)
He said he will be contented planting few camote and raising few chickens when he grows up.


His plans change at 17.


He and his girlfriend did what parents fear for their teenage children…alam mo na kung ano ang ibig kong sabihin.

My pamangkin then got married at a very early age.

This time, his naive 9 year old opinion is not what real life brings.

He now realizes that he won’t be living alone for the rest of his life. Eventually his child will grow. Then, get his family a roof, too. I don’t think he’ll be bringing his family to a cave. Sinong matinong tatay ang gugustuhin ito, di ba? 

Also, because we are not robots, there will be times that he and his family have to visit a doctor.

Surely he understands now that his few camote and backyard chickens are not enough for all of these needs.

And can you imagine what will his wife and daughter say if all he can feed them everyday is camote?

No matter what our definition of a comfortable life is, it is a fact that most of us desire to live comfortably.

But the sad reality is many will never achieve this dream because of just ONE simple reason.


Like what Bob Proctor said in his law of vibration, we have to change the things that we have been used to. He said, “It doesn’t matter what you are doing, what matters is HOW YOU ARE DOING IT”.

These Are The 8 Basic Actions That You Should Start Doing To Gain Financial Success And Live Your Dream Of A Comfortable Life


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1.Set A Clear Specific Goal

What is it that you really want in life? Write it down in a small card and read it everyday as many times as you want to keep you focused and think of ways to achieve it.

2.Identify Your Core Reason Why You Want To Achieve That Goal

You certainly have a deep reason why you want certain things. You aren’t just wanting things for no reason.

Because of your core reasons, you will keep on fighting no matter how hard it is to reach the finish line.

3.Prioritize your needs – learn how to delay your gratification

If you really don’t need it and especially if you can’t afford it, leave it for a while and focus on what really is important. Think of ways on how you can afford it later. Then, go back when you already can pay for it without sacrificing your needs.

4.Cultivate your hidden talents and skills

Because we have different talents and skills, we complement each other. There are things that I can’t do that you can help me with. And by sharing your talents and skills through the services you offer, you get to help more. As you help more, you will also earn more.

5.Invest on yourself

Learn more – learn from people who have dreamed our dreams.

You are not alone. There are people ahead of you who also dreamed the things you’re dreaming now, who did what you want to do. So, learn from them.

Learn as much as you can from their work – books, videos, podcasts and more.

6.Implement what you learned

Don’t get stuck in just accumulating ideas, listing plans and trying to make things perfect before you finally start.

The key to success is implementation. If it won’t work the first time, do some necessary changes. That’s the reason why books or software or systems have versions 2 or upgraded versions like windows 7, 8, or 10.

7.Face your fears

This is the number one enemy of success. FEAR, FEAR of FAILURE, FEAR of REJECTION. Fear is a normal feeling, but as human beings gifted by God with our own will and power, we have the ability to overcome our fears.

Are you willing to watch your family go hungry because you were afraid to act?

8.Accept full responsibility to your financial success

Stop playing the blame game. Let me borrow Bo Sanchez’ quote, “You are where you are because you put yourself there.” And Jim Rohn’s line, “The MAJOR key for your better future is YOU.”

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Be responsible, act now and start changing your financial life.

May I close this article with a question still from Jim Rohn?

“What will I do today to change my life?”

And I want you to write your answer in your notebook or type your answer in your mobile phone and read it everyday to remind yourself.

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