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How To Rewrite Your Financial Life in 2018

By Violeta Depalog / January 7, 2018

It has been warm over the past couple of weeks. FB messenger inboxes are filled with holiday greetings and wishes. Everyone’s Facebook timeline is flooded with Christmas greetings and New Year wishes, not to mention the chain messages like the ‘Welcome Aboard’ that have circulated our inboxes. It feels good to see friends and relatives […]


Two Best Gifts Ideas Of A Lifetime

By Violeta Depalog / December 24, 2017

Give a man a fish and he’ll live for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he’ll live a lifetime. -Lao Tzu In recent weeks, I’ve graded my students’ papers and I’ve found out standing similarities in almost half of the class’ novel analysis essays. Although their sentence construction differ a bit, their […]


How To Produce Results

By Violeta Depalog / December 10, 2017

“Unless you change how you are, you always have what you got.” – Jim Rohn We get excited when we hear new things. We feel the rush, the eagerness when we hear a new thing to earn money, or to make your money grow. But sooner, the excitement diminishes because we start finding reasons why […]


3 Ways To Turn Your Financial Life Around

By Violeta Depalog / December 2, 2017

Whatever you sow, you reap. The best part of it is you don’t only reap what you sow but you reap more than what you sow. THREE YEARS ago I found myself singing this song while dressing up for work. Where have all the flowers gone? Long time lasting… Where have all the young girls […]


What is the Good Thing of Losing Something

By Violeta Depalog / October 15, 2017

  Opportunities are mixed with difficulties Let me tell you first the story about my lost but found phone When I lost my phone on Thursday evening, I felt I also lost a big part of me.  In this modern world where a smart phone is almost a part of you, losing it is such […]


How To Be Like Your Friend, Laging Swerte Sa Buhay

By Violeta Depalog / October 6, 2017

If you want to receive, GIVE. Do you have friends who seemed to be a magnet to the good things in the world? Friends who either have great jobs, or great friends – happy relationships, who receive bags and boxes of gifts on their birthdays-Christmas day-and even on ordinary days, friends who are in good […]


How To Steer the Tax Reform Bill To Your Advantage

By Violeta Depalog / September 24, 2017

Will You Be Bold Enough To Take A Step? The Inquirer.Net came with this news headline last week, “Senate committee OKs tax reform bill” I wonder what your reaction was when you heard this on the news. Natuwa ka ba? or Natawa ka? I for one, I caught myself smirking and heard myself with a […]


The Beauty and the Beast of Stock Market Investing

By Violeta Depalog / September 12, 2017

My mentor told me that there are only 2 questions that you need to ask yourself before acting on or ignoring an opportunity that comes your way. Surely, there are always 2 sides of a coin – head or tail. In the boxing ring there is a BLUE corner and a RED corner. In a […]


Should You Borrow Money To Buy Stocks

By Violeta Depalog / July 24, 2017

You want to start investing in stocks as soon as possible but you still don’t have the cash to start investing. Should you borrow money to invest in stocks?   This week, I am saddened to receive this message: “Your story is very interesting. I believe you. I would be happy if you can share […]


Be Serious About This Because This Works

By Violeta Depalog / July 18, 2017

For the first three years nothing will happen. It’s on the fifth year that you will realize, MAYAMAN na ako. If you want yung MABILIS, dun ka sa CASINO. – Bo Sanchez. Invest regularly in the BIGGEST companies in the Philippines. You’ll grow slowly, BUT surely. Hear it from Bo Sanchez himself in the video […]

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