December 9, 2020

Hi Aspiring Stock Trader,


Let me first show this to you.


This was my day trading like nung nag-start kong upuan ang trading noong nag-umpisa ang lockdown.

No matter how I tried…harder…hardest

The first month (April) was really a struggle.

As you can see may mga winning trades din naman ako, but mas maraming losses.

May…ganun parin…more lose trades than wins

Then here comes June.

Finally, more wins than loses.

How Did This Happen

Syempre, it took a lot of hard work and discipline


First, since I have 2 trader accounts, I decided to define each them.

1. Old Trader Account – para sa long-term and semi long-term goals

2. New Trader Account – pang active trading for my short-term goals


Second, I put effort in understanding my approaches for each of my trader accounts.

1. What strategies, investing styles, attitudes should I retain para sa long-term investing

2. Ganun din sa New Trader Account. Ano ang mga approaches, strategies na kailangan kong alamin para sa short term investing.


Dahil dito, nagkaroon ako ng clearer view of what I already know, what works for me, and what do I still need to know to grow.

Nagkaroon ako ng mas malinaw na starting point.

My mistake kasi was, when I buy stocks in my new trader account and hindi nagwork yung trading plan ko, I keep the stocks and apply the strategies na dapat ay para sa long-term investing sana.


In other words, nililito ko ang sarili ko, kaya ang portfolio ko, nalito na rin.


Third, I researched and had tested trading strategies in my New Trader Account

1. Stock Picking Strategy

Dahil I will be trading stocks in a short term, usually within the day, I am expecting as well na kikita ako within the day.I usually check yung mga gaining stocks at active stocks within the day sa platform ng stock brokerage na ginagamit ko

Then, I look for a stock na maliksi kumilos, yung liquid at volatile.

Dahil maliksi syang kumilos, mas maraming opportunity ang pagbaba at pagtaas ng kanyang price, mas maraming opportunity na mag-buy low at mag-sell high.

I also check how many trades have already been done.

The more traders, and trades made on a particular stock, the more opportunity ng mas mabilis na paggalaw ng price.

I must look din kung gaano kadaming shares ng stocks na yun ang naibenta at nabili na.

Importante na yung dami ng volume ay natutugma sa pagtaas baba ng presyo nung stocks.


2. Buying and Selling Signals

Ito yung isa sa mga common tools na ginagamit ko to signal my buying and selling


a. Trends

When buying, hinihintay ko munang magkaroon ng uptrend signal bago ako bumili.

If kasalukuyang naka uptrend na sya and it seems na mag-continue lang sya to go up, I wait for an opportunity to buy.

I wait for the time na mag-correct or bumaba sya ng bahagya to enter my trade.

My mistake noon was, hinahabol ko yung price sa tuktok, kaya madalas, pagkabili ko, biglang baba na ng price.

These are few of the common tools I use to check the trend.

ii. RSI (Relative Strength Index)
iii. Aroon

When the trend is breaking, at nakitaan ko ng possibility of pull back or pagbaba, I quickly sell.

My mistake noon and I still sometimes do now is to think I can dictate the trend.

I mean hoping na mapapasunod ko ang trend sa gusto ko na tataas agad sya pagkatapos ng kanyang pull back o pagbaba.

Kaya 2 things usually happen to me because of my greed and arrogance:

i. Lose the chance to keep a gain
ii. Lose the chance to buy the stocks again at a lower price before the trend starts going up again.


3. Loss Management 

Sabi nga nila, gaano ka man kahanda, hindi maiiwansang may mabulilyaso pa rin. It’s not always na your trading plan materializes.It is important din na magset ako ng stop loss ko before buying the stocks.

In case na bababa ang price nung stocks instead of going up after kong nabili, it is important na clear sa akin kung magkano ang amount that I am comfortable to lose.

Para in case pababa na ang presyo, I have to be ready to sell it immediately to avoid losing most of it.

This is all for today, Friend.

I hope you find this sharing helpful.

In my email tomorrow, I will be sharing some of the effective tools that I use when buying and selling stocks.


To Your Better Tomorrow,
P.S.1 The strategies I shared today are appropriate for short term investing or active trading katulad ng sa day trading.

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