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Save and Invest with pleasure

By Violeta Depalog / August 8, 2016

Are you tired saving? Are you tired investing? Let me tell you this, you feel tired of saving and investing because you feel you are depriving yourself to have fun, to enjoy the pleasures of life. Many hate to save and invest because they think that when you save, you have to give up the […]


How to log in to COL for the first time

By Violeta Depalog / July 30, 2016

Let’s end this month of July with one simple video on your first steps to your financial independence. For the past days of meeting up with good people who finally made a decision to be wealthy not only for themselves but also for others, I also made the decision to guide them every step of […]


4 Ways to Save Money While Spending

By Violeta Depalog / June 11, 2016 – Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time? Have you ever wondered why you never managed to save even ONE peso from your monthly Salary? Bakit lagi na lng kapos? Then, you start to mumble looking for someone to blame why you don’t have savings after all. […]


What’s Your GPS to Financial Independence

By Violeta Depalog / June 4, 2016

I’ve been thinking how to begin my blog today and yet my experience this morning has given me a bright idea how to share with you today my saving and investing experience particularly on how important professional guidance is. I took the subway from my place at around 9:30 AM, which is a 30 minutes […]


LABOR MONTH PACKAGE 4: The Strategic Averaging Method

By Violeta Depalog / May 27, 2016

For the past 3 consecutive Saturdays, we’ve been unpacking the contents of our Labor Month Package. After familiarizing ourselves with a stock market portfolio, the importance of diversification to starting investors and the difference of investing and trading, we will now open the last content of our package this last Saturday of May. As our […]


Labor Month Package 3: Trading or Investing

By Violeta Depalog / May 21, 2016

We are now on the third Saturday of May-Labor Month. And because it’s the third Saturday, it’s a revelation time again:-). We will now unpack the third content of our Labor Month Package which is “INVESTING vs TRADING” A day just after the election, people are so excited for the changes that were promised to […]


Labor Month Package 1: What is a Stock Market Portfolio

By Violeta Depalog / May 7, 2016

We begin this month of May by celebrating the Labor Day. This is also a very special month for us Filipinos because we are going to elect the next president of the Philippines, who will lead our country to either heaven or hell. But as I have written in my previous blog, “What is Labor […]


What is Labor Day

By Violeta Depalog / May 2, 2016

We just celebrated the International Labor Day yesterday and I was observing my Facebook feed of any updates on Labor Day activities in our country. Unfortunately, all I can see are the feeds about the political campaigns of our presidential candidates. It seems that yesterday was the presidential candidates’ Rally Day. Well. I don’t blame […]


4 Things People Tend To Forget When Investing

By Violeta Depalog / April 14, 2016

So you’ve been reading a lot of blogs about investing lately especially investing in the Philippine stock market. You seemed to be more confident now that you have learned some of the basic knowledge of stock market investing. You might have already applied for your account from your online broker. Or you might have even […]

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