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5 Ways To Work Smartly

By Violeta Depalog / May 1, 2018

Happy Labor Day!!! According to, the “Labor Day is a day set aside to pay tribute to working men and women.” In short it is the day to celebrate workers who do the labors that brings the world to its famed development now. Although we still have a Labor Day holiday in our time, it […]


How Often Should I Buy Stocks and What If My Fund is NOT Enough

By Violeta Depalog / April 22, 2018

To a newbie, the answers to the questions below are as valuable as gold. As a rule of thumb, DO NOT invest in something you don’t know. Kudos to our email sender who asked the following questions.   [grwebform url=”″ css=”on” center=”off” center_margin=”200″/] ———- P.S.1. If you are blessed by this post, share the blessing also […]


How Can You Benefit From A Stock Rights Offering

By Violeta Depalog / March 18, 2018

Are you a fan of a buy-1-take-1 or 25% OFF offers in the malls? Isn’t it great? That only means you can buy more with the same amount of money when you only buy 1 or a few. Stocks Rights offering to me seems to be a SALE. If you’ve been asking what stocks rights […]


Why Are Many Teachers Poor

By Violeta Depalog / March 17, 2018

Gusto ko pero…kaya lang…eh, kasi… Have you caught yourself saying the same lines? I would love to … and then followed by a ‘but’… multiple reasons why you cannot? Gusto kong pumayat, kaya lang masarap kumain eh, nanghihina ako pag di nakakain ng kanin. Gusto kong yumaman pero wala akong pera. Gusto kong mag-negosyo pero […]


Teachers Never Get Rich

By Violeta Depalog / March 14, 2018

“Bakit ka nag-teacher, eh walang yumayaman dyan” T1: “Taga-Loandon Bridge ka ka ba?”  T2: “Huh? Bakit naman?” T1: “Eh, kasi puro ka LOAN dito at LOAN doon” T2: “Wehh” These are just some of the few stereotypes or mga nakadikit nang jokes towards us teachers. And will you believe me that one of the reasons […]


The Most Important Strategy In Stock Market Investing

By Violeta Depalog / February 10, 2018

Today is our departure date – going back home to Manila after our 4 day tour in Bangkok, Thailand and I’d be foolish to just have decided to go back to Manila this morning. Before we traveled to Bangkok, we already know when we want to be back home whether or not we’ve done all […]


5 Simple Steps To Stock Market Investing

By Violeta Depalog / January 21, 2018

Like solving a Rubik cube, investing in the stock market also follows uncomplicated steps. Please allow me to share with you first the story about my Rubik addiction in the video below. To easily solve a Rubik cube, there are algorithms in every step that are very simple for a beginner to follow. In investing […]


Changes You Should NOT Ignore

By Violeta Depalog / January 14, 2018

My High School Physics Teacher once told me, “The only constant in the world is Change” Jose Mari Chan also sings, “life is a constant change”. If you have also followed the meme in the past weeks of posting your photo taken in 2012 side by side with your photo in 2017, you may have already […]


How To Rewrite Your Financial Life in 2018

By Violeta Depalog / January 7, 2018

It has been warm over the past couple of weeks. FB messenger inboxes are filled with holiday greetings and wishes. Everyone’s Facebook timeline is flooded with Christmas greetings and New Year wishes, not to mention the chain messages like the ‘Welcome Aboard’ that have circulated our inboxes. It feels good to see friends and relatives […]

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